Written by michele1978

26 Jan 2012

i met someone called matt from sheffield in november,he is 47 attractive and works as a paramedic. i like older (but not too old) guys esp in uniform.we mer for only an hour he had to see someone about a car,we just chatted and had a long kiss which was nice.we arranged to meet again and book a room somewhere for a nite of passion. however on the site i met him on,someone came across and informed me he is a very vengeful person. a woman on his pics (who is the wife of a close friend) decided to finish the affair,he then told all his friends at the ambulance station she is a escort who works for cheap rate.now i had already swapped some pics with him also matt knew my postcode as i told him so he could use his sat nav the day we met. i got home early december to find my hubby furious. he had been sent some photocopies of the pics i sent to matt they were not naked pics but of me in lingerie,dressed up for a night out etc.i just wonder if matt got his 30 pieces of silver or does he just like causing strife for others. the lady he had an affair with lost her job at the ambulance station. it will take me a long time to trust again.