Written by unknown

16 Jan 2008

i was in work one day,and three of my work mates started talking about having sex with women other than their wives.i reminded all three of them that they had beautiful women,one of them said "its ok being beautiful,but they have to be good in bed also.of course a bit of bantering started,and each one of them would not say how their wives performed in bed,being a fool i said "well ye should have married a nympho like me".All ears were cocked to hear what i had to say,but i didnt say any more,as the day went by,each of the men in turn asked me if my wife was really a nympho,of course i laid it on good and thick.My wife isnt a sex maniac,but she does love sex,she can keep going all night and still come back for more.Our day over we went home and over dinner i told the wife about our conversation that day at work,she asked me if the workmates were "playing away from home"i said i didnt know,we went to bed later that night and as i was fucking her she wanted to know more about the lads at work,needless to say i got very horny as i was talking about them,and i noticed that she was getting excited as i was talking,and she gave me the fuck of my life.When we laid back she asked me what would i think of teaching them a lesson,i agreed that we should "but how i asked her" well you told them i was a nympho,so lets pretend i am,and get one of them round here,ok i told her,i will think of an excuse to get one to call.The next day being Friday,i told one of the lads i had to go up country that evening to see my sister but i had a problem,"whats your problem" i told him my wife wanted to go see her mother,and as she couldnt drive,and there were no busses running to her mothers area,she would be like a lunatic over me going away."No problem he said,ill call round and give her a lift to her mothers for you,I told him i would be gone by six,and i would be grateful if he could pick her up for seven,i thanked him offering to return the favour another day.I went home at 5,and told the wife what i had done,she said what if he wants to fuck me,i said she better tell me all about it.I left the house at six,and drove across town to see one of my mates,i stayed with him until my wife,sounding like the coastguard told me "The coast is clear"I arrived home and found her in bed,i got in beside her and as i was playing with her cunt she told me the story.My workmate had called,and she was dressed in a very short skirt and a flimsy top,she could see by the expression on his face that he wanted to fuck her,she invited him in and gave him a cup of coffee,I forgot to mention we live in a bungalow,my wife asked him did he think she was dressed a bit over the top to be visiting her mother,he said it would be better if she dressed a bit more sensibly,so she went to the bedroom,which was down the hall,when she went into the room she left the door open a little,she undressed down to her bra and knickers,she delayed for a while and she saw his shadow in the hall,she pulled her knickers down and started playing with her cunt,she could see his shadow and knew that he could see her in the mirror,which she had positioned there earlier,she moved over so she could see him and he could see her,he was wanking his cock looking at her,she started finger fucking herself until he could take no more,he walked into the room and asked if she would prefer to have a cock up her instead of her fingers,she said she would love it.He put her on the bed and sucked her cunt,then he stripped and got on top of her,he fucked her like a man that hadnt a fuck in months,he rammed her cunt so hard that she said she was sore.he fucked her for about two hours,she sucked his cock,he fucked her arsehole,and he came in her mouth,she said it was a night to remember.i gave her a good fucking thinking about it.i went in to work on monday morning,and i thanked my workmate for doing me the favour,and he said "any time" during the day i saw the three of them talking secretly,and surmised they were discussing my wife,I told them later in the afternoon that i was going up to see my sister again that night as she was feeling unwell,and that i might be late coming to work tomorrow as i would be late home,again i went home at 5,and left the house at six,i went to the cinema,and watched three films,i got a call from my wife just as the last film was over,and she told me that they had left?,"they i said",yes she told me,our first man had called round and fucked her and he said he had a pal that would love to fuck her,she told him to phone his pal,which he did and the two of them fucked her,they called another pal and the three of them fucked her until she phoned me.she said our first man laid on the bed and she laid on top of him,he went up her,and then one of the others got on top of her and shoved his cock up her arsehole,the other nearly choked her when he shoved his huge cock into her mouth,then they changed places,all of them fucked her arsehole,they all fucked her cunt,and each of them put their cocks into her mouth.none of them shot spunk up her,the three of them waited and all three of them got round her and covered her in spunk from head to toe.i went to work the next day and they all greeted me with a very cheerful hello,i am now getting the greatest fuck off my wife,thanks to the three lads at work,they havent suspected a thing,and every so often when my wife needs a good fucking,i tell the lads my sister is sick,my wife has found out that one of the mens wife is bi and she wants him to talk to her and try to get her to lick my wifes cunt,but thats another story,I hope none of them packs up the job,or else we will be down a man,by the way,my sister is not well tonight,and i have to stay there all night,so my wifes cunt is going to be very sore in the morning,she might not be able to talk,and her arsehole will be red raw,and my cock will be wanked off me thinking of three cocks fucking my wife