Written by unknown

14 Nov 2007

my wife and myself have often talked about having a fuck with another couple, but we never actually got round to doing it.we would be in bed and talk about our neighbours,and my wife would say "i would love to fuck him" and i would say "i would love to fuck her".we would always get a lovely come thinking about fucking them.As i am a truck driver i am often away from home overnight,and to be truthful i often get a fuck while i am sleeping in my truck.i like to call into a bar where there are plenty of "older" women and chat them up,and before the night is over i have them talked into my bed in the lorry.I would always tell the wife when i got a fuck,as we never keep a secret from each other.My wife who is hornier than me,never tried to get a fuck,because, as she says herself "she is too shy and she thinks men would not like her body".but this all changed one night when she read a story from this very site.she drives her own car and last Sunday she was invited to a christening in Ballina(just across the river from Killaloe) she went to the church and then back to the reception which was held in the local hotel.she stayed for about two hours and decided to travel from there up towards Ennis which would take her in the direction of Scarrif and on through Tulla,(For those of you who dont know where this is, it is in County Clare in Ireland)She had read on this site about a couple who would sometimes be in a car park about three miles from Killaloe on a Sunday night,and they wanted to have a bit of fun,so just by chance she decided to pull in to the car park out of curiosity.Now the next bit is like something you would see on the TV in the programme "stranger than fiction" i had been to a factory in scarrif and my load was not ready,so i got a loan of a car to go home and get something to eat and was to return a few hours later when my truck would be loaded.as i approached the car park i decided to pull in and have a look to see if there was any activity there,imagine my surprise when i drove in and saw my wifes car parked over in a corner.i drove back out knowing that the two cars parked there had seen me,but knew that my wife did not know the car i was driving so she would never have suspected it was me.as far as she was concerned i was up the country somewhere.I drove back in the direction i had come,and a little bit up the road there is another car park,i pulled in there and walked back to the spot where my wife was parked.it was about half nine so the darkness had settled and i could walk pass the car park without being seen, i went into the woods which rises up behind that car park,which gave me a clear view of the two vehicles below.i noticed a fiat punto parked facing the lake,and the interior light was on,there was a man and a woman inside,the woman had her seat reclined and she had her skirt pulled up around her waist,the man was leaning over and was playing with her pussy,my wife was parked about six feet away from them to the rear,she was just sitting there looking in the direction of the fiat punto.i sat and watched.The woman then reached over and started wanking the man,i knew that my wife couldnt help but see what they were doing.After about 10 minutes of this the man opened his door and got out of the car and walked away obout 10 feet from his car, in doing this he was now only about four feet from my wifes car,he took out his cock and started to make a pee,i could see my wife looking at him,i know roughly how long it takes a man to make a pee,and i knew that he was taking longer than usual to make sure my wife got a good look at his cock.i saw him walking over to my wifes car,he stood talking to her a couple of minutes,i couldnt hear what they were saying but he walked back to his car and got in,within a few seconds my wife got out of her car and walked over to the punto,she got in at the back drivers side and moved over to the middle,the woman was still playing with the mans cock and he was rubbing her pussy,to my surprise i saw my wife reaching in between the two seats and grabbing the mans cock and start wanking him,i was at a bit of a distance from them so i couldnt tell the size of his cock,but i could see my wife wanking him.After three or four minutes of wanking him he reached around and said something to my wife,she said something back to him,and my wife got out of the car.i thought it was all over,but then the woman got out and my wife and the woman went to the front of the car,then the man got out and walked up to them,both my wife and the woman were leaning on the bonnet,the woman pulled up her skirt and said something to the man,he got down on his knees in front of the woman and started licking her pussy,my wife nearly fell over as she tried to get her knickers off,and she no sooner had them off when the man shifted from the womans pussy and buried his head between my wifes legs.he was sucking my wifes pussy and at the same time played with the womans cunt.i know when my wife is coming because she screams out loud.and i promise you, she was screaming,the man must have realised she was coming because he stopped sucking her cunt,he got up off his knees and turned my wife round to put her leaning over the bonnet with her tits pressed to the bonnet and her arse and cunt facing him.he lifted her skirt up round her hips,stood behind her and took out his cock and drove it up her cunt,(Knowing my wife her cunt was dripping wet by now)he was driving it up her so hard i could hear her gasping for breath,he fucked her for a good ten minutes,she must have come four or five times,again i thought it was all over when i saw the man pulling out of her,but they werent finished with her just yet,as she turned round to lean on the bonnet,the woman went down on her knees in front of my wife and opened her legs and started licking my wifes cunt,if i thought the man had made my wife come,it was nothing compared to what the woman was doing,my wife had hold of her head and was forcing her mouth deeper into her cunt,i knew my wife was getting near her "big come" because she started screaming, the woman wanted to pull away but when my wife wanted to get that final come nothing could have torn that mouth away from her cunt,my wife was screaming for five minutes,i couldnt see the womans mouth or face but i do know my wife and i can promise you she was covered in come juice,the man had come to life again and he bent my wife over the bonnet again, this time she was facing him,he got up her cunt again and pumped her for another ten minutes,he then got up the womans cunt and gave her a good fucking,while he was fucking the woman he pulled her away from the car ,just enough for my wife to kneel down and lick the womans cunt, my wife was wanking her own clit,then it all ended as quick as it had begun, my wife said a few words to them and she got into her car a headed out of the car park and turned in the direction of home,the man and woman got in their car and went in the other direction,i waited a few minutes until i was sure they were well away,and then i walked down to my borrowed car and headed off after my wife.now just in case you are thinking i am a saint or a bishop,i didnt tell you while i was watching my wife getting fucked,sucked,licked,and wanked,i had three wanks,and i would have had more only i wanted to keep something for her when i got home.I wont make a big story of it, but when i arrived home my wife was in bed,she normally wears a sexy nightdress,but this Sunday night she was naked,i got into bed and put my hand between her legs,i just couldnt believe how wet she was,the combination of spunk and her own come made it feel as if she had made a pee,i asked her why she was so wet,and she said something had made her very horny,i asked her what it was,and she said "what if i told you i got fucked by a man and woman tonight would you believe me"i said "tell me and ill see"so she told me everything i had seen earlier,of course i didnt tell her i had seen it all,but one things for sure,i got the fuck of my life that night,and she told me he had a decent cock,and the woman was his wife,and her cunt tasted delicous,she said they go there regularly of a sunday and that we should go to meet them some sunday night.i told her i would like to see him up her,and she wants to see me up his wife ,so wish me luck next sunday night