Written by unknown

9 Nov 2007

my wife and myself were in bed having a fuck and playing our games of pretending to be fucking someone else.She was pretending to be fucked by my brother,and i was pretending to be fucking my sister-in law.We were really getting into it when i said "if i had a chance i would love to ram it up your sister".Her sister had broke up with her husband about six months previous,we continued fucking and talked about various people being fucked by both of us,including her sister,and i could feel the difference in her every time i mentioned her sisters name.The following day she said she was meeting up with her sister to do a bit of shopping,i didnt see anything unusual about this as they often met up on a Saturday,did a bit of shopping,and then went for a quiet drink afterwards.my wife told me what happened when they met.they went into the local shops and bought a few things,my wife told her sister she wanted to go to a shop where they sold sexy underwear,"why asked her sister" my wife told her 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cant tell you in front of your husband"you dont have to worry about him said my wife,if he had his way he would be up you himself.we had another drink or two and my wife said she was going to the toilet,her sister said she would go with her.when they came back and sat down again i got up to go to the bar,my wife followed me up and told me they had been talking about me in the toilet and her sister had asked her if she was joking when she said i would be up her myself,my wife said "lets have a small bet" whats the bet asked her sister,my wife said ill bet you if you take off your knickers and sit across from him with your legs open a little bit "just enough for him to get a glance of your pussy" he will try to get into another position to get a better look.my wife said she had convinced her to take them off,and that i should let her sister catch me looking up her skirt.we then went down from the bar and i noticed her sister had moved out to the edge of the seat and made room for my wife 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