Written by flagship

27 May 2008

For a long time we had fantasised about having a girl join us.We had talked and talked about what we would do and suddenly this was the day.

Ray my wife was 30 and we had been married for 3 years.....sex was good but we wanted more...she made the rules and I was to watch not touch....2 weeks earlier we had gone to an expensive lap dancing club and met a girl we both fantasised about....Celine...blonde 5 10 long legs,small boobs but great conversation and imagination.A week later we had enjoyed phone sex and decided this was the day....she was bi sexual living with a girl...only 19 but gorgeous.

We arrived at our hotel at 11 and Ray was due around at 6pm...it was July,hot and we both were nervous.Ray ran a bath and we were due at a restaurant at 1pm.I watched her shave her pussy bald and lay back and drank the wine we had poured.Her boobs were huge..all of 36ee and natural....tiny waste and long legs....she had been a lingerie model not for good reasonShe dressed in just a knee length simple brown dress....dark see through bra and no knickers....just simple heels.

At the restaurant we talked nervously and I was hard just counting down the hours.Earlier that week I took delivery of 2 double ended dildos,a strap on, 2 vibrators,lube and over 10 outfits.They were laid out neatly back at the hotel.We drank 2 or so bottles of Rose and ambled down past Harrods back towards the hotel.Ray stopped and went into a well known boutique.She took 3 dreses into the changing rooms and tried them on.....after the first she left the curtain 30% open and treated me and the 2 assistants to a long peak at her long legs and bald pussy.....I was strangely nervous and a little afraid...but hard and blushing.....I wanked about it for weeks !!

Getting back to the hotel I showered ,it was 5.15pm poured the drinks and waited totally naked playing with my cock waiting for her to emerge from our splendid bedroom not knowing what she was wearing.

She emerge high heels,boobs and pussy peeping out of a black crutch and topless number.She kissed lay back opened her legs and took a dildo,the lube and came after 20 mins of noisy masturbation.She retreated to the bedroom to emerge only in high heels and a open basque...her pussy and tits magnificent waiting for love.It was just after 6 and we decided that on arrival Celine could change in our bedroom...come into the hall and into the living room....the buzzer went,my heart lept,I closed the doors and in my gown went to the door and opened it.

There was Celine long blonde hair jeans and top,no bra as I could just make out her nipples.A quick kiss on the cheeks and I led her into the bedroom told her to choose an outfit and join Ray in the lounge....she was beautiful.

I rejoined my wife who was smoking out on the balcony,kissed and thanked her teling her I loved her with a thumping heart.She joined me as we waited for the bedroom door to open...it seemed like ages but then a 6 foot beauty in a red see through tied outfit emerged...they greeted kissed and sat down....I scurried off to pour Celine a champagne and refill Rays glass ....waiting on 2 beauties.

They sat facing each other and talked and talked as I nervously went around the flat waiting for the moment....that first moment that I never imagined when we met 10 years ago.They were teasing me reiterating that I could watch/not touch....my gown was open and I played with my erect cock watching beauty ....and then it happened.

Celine simply stood up dropped to her knees on the rug,took the dildo and started to lube herself,Ray and play with my wifes clit.Rays legs opened as she slowly fucked her kissing her thighs and clit as my wife tenderly looked down.Ray slowly kneeded her boobs as she came for the first time.They both got up hugged,not kissed fell back into the sofa and lit up chatting eagerly to each other.

They both whispered to each other got up and Celine taking Rays hand led her to the bedroom stopping to look at each other in the mirror....both so different but full of sex.The toys were on the dresser and Celine took the doubles,grinned,eased my wife out of her basque,taking hers off but both leaving on their heals.Laying across the bed Celine asked for the lube,rubbed Rays pussy which glistened... her own just a line of hair and gave my wife her first lesson in double ending,initially rubbing pussies and then inserting 20 inches of thick plastic.I jostled for the best view as they both touched and pulled each other delicately in every direction eventually coming together.....magical

I was sent for the ash tray and drinks as we all sat back and talked....I couldnt help myself and slipped down the bed to lick my wifes warm delicous pussy only to look up to witness two beautiful ladies sharing their first kiss.