Written by aladinsane4u

3 Aug 2010

My wife and I have had a few encounters swapping partners and especially Kay having sex with other guy's, ( most of the time while I'm watching her being fucked ) but we have recently been away on holiday and she has had her first encounter of B B C ( big black cock ).

The first week we were in San fransisco & LA and nothing much happened apart from the usual site seeing etc, the second week we were in San Diego sunning ourselves and drinking quite a bit as there were quite a few Americans etc holidaying down there and there was a party atmosphere

Games at the pool etc and very few children around.

Anyway we were at the pool bar drinking and there was a big black guy very loud and always seemed bubbly his wife was the complete opposite very quiet and always had her head in a book, we had briefly said hello a few times but that was all, anyway later that afternoon everyone was going to get ready for the evening we were lucky we had a good spot where the sun went down last thing, he came over introduced himself as matty and asked if we minded him joining us as we were the only place that had the sun, of course we said he didn't seem as brash or loud when he was on his own we sat and chatted

Kay lay there sunbathing with a very low cut all in one bather as she is in her late 40's but I keep telling her she has a great figure anyway her tits were bulging out as she wanted to get as much tanned as possible ( there is a policy over there no topless bathing ) or she would have had them out.

I kept noticing matty's eyes glued to kays tits and the camels toe which was now appearing between her thighs I thought she had her eyes closed underneath her sun glasses but later she told me she could see him looking

Matty was quite drunk and I think the drink got the better of him as he started to say his wife should of stayed in Boston as she was miserable and was always in bed early and was missing the kids fuck me he said in his accent we've only been away 3 fucking days, I laughed and told him our kids were in there twenties he said never you only look young ( pissed like I said )

Anyway we stayed on another half an hour until the sun moved around out of site, see you later we said as we went to get showered and ready for the night time activities.

Once in the room kay took of her bather for a shower immediately I started to play with her 38DD tits as I fingered her no not yet I need a shower she said as I stood there with a semi on while she was showering she said he seemed a nice guy which I replied yeh not as loud as he seemes to be around the other guy's, that could be him just showing off like you men do she said.

Do you fancy fucking him I said kay didn't reply it's been a while since we dabbled and I was not sure if it would ever happen again ( me always hoping it would )

Anyway that night we had a meal and watched a show the hotel put on which was quite amusing if you like magic shows and dancers that couldn't dance but we had a laugh , we went outside for a drink on the terrace there were a few other couples but most drifted off to be by 11pm fuck me that's late to the yanks to us the night had only started, anyway kay went to the toilet and on her way back she said that guy matty was at the bar really I said will I invite him over no he wont want to sit with us will he there's only one way to find out as I got up kay grabbed my arm no leave him be he looks a miserable sod tonight ok I said and sat back down after the waitress brought us another few drinks and an hour later I went to the toilet and he was still there watching tv, I said hi there matty how are you tonight I'm ok thanks he said on your own yeah she's in bed we are sitting on the terrace fancy joining us without hesitation he said yeah if you don't mind not at all I said wouldn't want you sitting there alone all night anyway there is nobody else but us so out he came, kay look who's here I said as she looked and smiled hello I saqw you earlier but did not like to come over you looked moody she laughed well if you had a wife like mine you'd be moody as well kay laughed and he sat down beside kay we chatted and had a good few drinks found out he had been married twice before one wife died the other fucked off and the third was a miserable cow who changed the day they married he was a stock broker and had 5 kids.

Anyway Kay was wearing a summer type dress low cut and ankle length underneath nothing but a thong her and matty were getting along great my mind was doing over time as I knew kay had never had a black cock before not that she had anything against black guy's just the occasion never arose I went and ordered more drinks, doubles the yanks cant drink matty was well pissed but kay and myself were well on our way but still knew what we were doing as we I went to the toilet shortly afterwards matty came in nothing was said but I glansed over and it is true what they say about black guy's his cock was huge I'd say at least 10" long and fat as a sausage as I washed my hands matty said I will go to bed now and leave you two alone, no I have just ordered drinks in again matty I said, anyway kay has the hots for you he looked and said what is that not knowing what it meant she wants to take you up to the room and fuck your brains out a big grin came across his face he said your having me on man no I mean it don't you fancy her he replied she has great titties as we left the toilets kay had gone I thought fuck me that's the night ruined but she was looking over the balcony she beconed us over do you think there having sex over there a couple in the distance on the beach bed probably I said fuck yes said matty, I've invited matty up to the room for a night cap oh ok she said lets go up now kay looked at me and I said I've told him your going to fuck his brains out and what a surprise he has for you an expression of glee came across her face not the only thing to cum on her face that night.

Up in the room we had two double beds a balcony looking over the pool a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi and walk in shower as we sat down I said kay matty comented on your titties I could see matty going red as I was behind her I just pulled the dress straps down to let loose those 38DD babies and started to bounce them up and down by now I had the biggest hard on I've had in months would you like to play with them matty I didn't have to ask twice before I knew it he was gently fondling them and rubbing her nipples between his thumb and finger making them hard he jently started sucking them then he got carried away I think he must of bite them as kay pulled back and said take your time tiger I stood back looking on I said take the drss off kay which she did it falling to the floor standing there in only a thong matty looked back at me I said she's all your can I fuck her he said ok by me but why not ask her he did and she smiled his tongue running up and down her belly and thighs as she lay there I could hear her whimpering and watched as his eager fingers found there way in her thong rubbing up and down her glistening bald fanny lips a squelching sound getting louder and louder he kept on looking back at me as I beckoned him on he started to kiss her fanny and tug away at her thong pulling it to one side as his tongue lapped away at kay's wet hole he eventually pulled them down lapping away sticking his tongue right up her hole licking and sucking her juices as he fingered her, just then he stood up and took of his clothes the moment I was waiting for I just looked at kay's face as she saw his large black cock standing there rock hard by now if looked about 14" or very very large

As he lay beside her he moved her hand onto his cock kay lay there kissing and wanking pulling her hand up and down every inch of his hard cock she sat up and bent over him and started sucking him off by now I had my measly looking cock out pulling myself off she started to suck taking him deeper and deeper but she could only take him about half way down his shaft she started to lick up his shaft and started sucking his balls I don't know how he lasted as I shot my load all over just watching her trying to suck him off.

He lay her back and started friging her cunt rubbing violently over her clit her juices were spurting everywhere she was moaning like never before kay is a loud love maker but never before have I heard her like this he frigged her and finger fucked her hole she was now wet ripe and ready for his massive member he guided his cock to the entrance of her hole rubbing it gently up and down her wet slit before entering her inch by inch I could see kay jerking back as he got half way in I thought she was full up but after he gently fucked her a few more times he was balls deep inside her juicy pussy pumping away kay was screaming with delight I myself cum once again, he bent her over and fucked her doggy coming all over her back and arse fuck me there was so much cum on her you'd think she had been covered by 5 men not one he lay back letting kay kneel there and suck him dry I could see her gaping hole cum and juices dripping off her cunt lips and arse as she sucked him off he beckoned her up on top and started to ride her again it was great seeing her cunt stretched to the limit as she rode him he said he was coming again kay said fill me up and he surely did spunk was running out her hole for minutes afterwards he finally left after another fuck which I joined in but my cock felt it was fucking a bucket after him, kay was sore for days but has said it's the best fuck she has ever had. Fuck me it was fantastic to watch and join in.