Written by unknown

9 Feb 2009

it was about 8 weeks ago, my mate called around to see us he moved away about 4 years earlier and is now seperated it was nice to see him, as the night went on sue my wife was getting a bit tipsy we had heard all the sad stories on how neil was now single and never went out etc, i called sue upstairs and said give neil a show she said what do you mean with a smile knowing full well she would flash herself every now and then after 5 mins or so she came down stairs and sat straigh opposite neil she has always been a tease and up for most things,i came out of the kitchen and sue was there legs a kimbo with her little thong on showing her nicely shaven lips i was behind neil he was chatting away to her by the bulge in his jeans i could tell he was taking the bait, for the next hour or so she kept giving him glimpses of her arse as she bent over the breafast bench and the sofa picking things up i myself was horny by now she winked at me and said i'm just going to get myself ready for bed, she apeared in her silk dressing gown asked neil if he fancied a drink he said yes she brought him one over the gown was gaping open at the front and you could see her fanny lips full on, anyway she wouldn't do anything else that night he went off to bed and i fucked the arse of her.

about 3 weeks later i had to go into hospital for an operation on my back i was in for about 10 days on the 4th day neil came in to see me travelling all the way from yorkshire i said to sue he cant travel back tonight he can stay at ours which she agreed, he left 5 mins before the end of visiting so sue could say goodnight just then i said sue you know your going to have to fuck his brains out tonight knowing she was a horny bitch by now dying for some cock, she was a bit shocked but i reassured her to go for it the following evening she came into see me and i said did you do him then, she started to smile and said yeah all night i went home made us something to eat got into my highty and dressing gown neil was chatting to me in the kitchen beforei knew it he had his hand between my legs saying the last time your fanny was in my face and i couldn't do anything about it so now i am i couldn't speak she said befor i knew it he was fingering me then lifted me on to the bench and rammed his hard cock up me he only lasted a few mins before exploding inside of me i wasted no time licking his cum of the end of his cock then led him into the sitting room where we fucked for a hour or so then into the bedroom as he left he said please dont say anything to kev as we are good friends i promised as long as he came back soon and repeated last night he said he would, and him not knowing i set it up, sue sucked me off in hospital that night just as a thank you