Written by unknown

19 Apr 2008

My wife got fulfilled part three"¦"¦.

So there we were, all out for the evening. My wife went out with no knickers on, she knew full well what she was going out for.

All night long in our local club I could see the eye contact, the small touches, the little glimpses of each other that just spelled out one word"¦. SEX.

My best friend was going away for a week and she knew what she was going to send him away with - a glorious repetition of the best fuck he has ever had.

As we slalomed home that night, all pretending we didn't know what was going to happen, we neared our turning for our road. My wife told him to come with us and he pretended to be reluctant - but we all knew different. After all he had fucked her three times already and another time wasn't going to hurt so he put up a small resistance but he knew where he was going that night "' to my house.

His wife would be asleep and my wife wanted his throbbing cock so there was no contest there.

Getting home and sending our babysitter away, he went upstairs pretending he needed the toilet but by the time my wife went up five minutes later he was naked with a rock hard cock sat waiting for her on my bed. She started to undress provocatively and he gave her some un-needed assistance, which she gratefully accepted none the less. By the time I had watched MTV for five minutes and gone up to check on their progress, I knew what scene I would see when I entered my own bedroom.

Sure enough there my best friend was on top of my wife driving his throbbing hard shaft deep into her ever willing shaven pussy. Her legs were wrapped right around his tattooed back as he thrust it deeper and deeper, making sure every length of his glorious cock was fully enveloped in his best friends wife's willing pussy as she gazed up into his eyes and begged him to fuck her harder and deeper than he ever had before.

He told her how much he loved to fuck his best friend's wife, and how he thought of her beautifully bald shaven pussy every time he fucked his wife. She told him how much she loved every moment of it, and that she loved him fucking her all over her marital bed.

Both of them were so wrapped up in each other as I casually wanked myself off watching them behave like lovers should, totally wrapped up in satisfying each others needs.

No words were needed and I turned up the TV in our room so our neighbours couldn't hear him filling my wife's glorious juicy wet hole. She continually orgasmed as he kept driving it deeper and deeper, harder and harder, faster and faster.

He was now talking to my wife as a husband should and whispering his love for her. I continually wanked myself off before I positioning myself over her orgasming cum loving face. I shot my load all over her as he finished deep inside my wife, and she licked it all up before I dropped down and cleaned her out after he had finished. Slowly and reluctantly he got dressed, he knew that if he stayed she would have fucked him stupid all night long.

Of course I carried on where he left off, and fucked my wife senseless all night long, cumming deep inside where he had been. Anyone who swings properly will know that wonderful feeling of sloppy hot seconds within an ever-willing hole"¦

Its only a matter of time I suppose despite our protests that he fucks her again"¦.

I will keep you all informed"¦