Written by unknown

28 Dec 2007

It was in the middle of summer,and my wife had been on to me to get our garden dug,As usual i said id do it tomorrow.theres no tomorrow with you she said,ive been waiting two years for you to do something with it.i asked her what would she think of digging it up and concreting it.I knew she would go for this, because we had been talking about getting her a car,i always took ours to work and she would have to get busses if she wanted to go anywhere.We knew a builder who drank in our local,we didnt know him personally,but we knew he did concreting jobs.we decided to ask him how much it would cost the next time we met him in the pub,At work the next day,i was talking to a friend of mine and explained what we were going to do,i told him about the builder who drank in the pub, and said i was going to ask him to do it,he said,"if youre going to ask him to do it,make sure you lock up your wife before he arrives",I was curious to find out more so i asked him what did he mean.He told me that he had heard things about the builder,"like what i asked him".he said anyone he ever did a job for,he was supposed to have fucked the wife or sister,or daughter.this made me a little excited,as id always wanted to see my wife getting fucked by someone else.My wife and myself went to the pub Saturday night,and when the builder came in i called him over and explained what we wanted,he said he would call in the morning to see the size of our garden,and give us a rough price.I thanked him,and as he was leaving us i noticed him looking at my wife,it was a kind of a "i wonder do you fuck look".he called the next morning ,measured it out,and gave us what we thought was a very fair price.he was to get started on Tuesday,he said he would send two men round in the morning to start clearing off the soil,to gt he garden ready for concreting.I decided to phone in to my job and take a couple of days holidays,the next morning two men arrived at our door,one was a young lad of about 18,it was the other man that drew my attention,he was about 6"6" and built like the side of my house,he was light coloured,by this i mean he was second generation african,and he was one hell of a good looking bloke,It was he who spoke to me,saying they were sent round to start digging,My wife came to the door,and i could actually hear her drawing in her breath when she saw the vision in front of her,i asked did they want a cup of tea and they said they just had some thanks,they started getting tools out of their van,and the wife and myself went in.When the door was closed i said to her,"if i didnt know you better,i would have sworn you came in your knickers when you saw the big lad,Well you dont know me then she said,because i did come,and im still coming,Up those stairs i said,and ill soon make you come again.when she stripped,and i put my cock into her,it felt as if she had pissed herself,she was wetter than ive ever seen her,i asked her was it the coloured lad that made her so wet,"not only the sight of him she said,but did you see the lump in his trousers".i can honestly say i got the best fuck i have ever had off her in my life.it

was then i decided to get this man to fuck her.i asked her if she would like to have him up her,she said if you can get him to fuck me,i will never complain about the garden or anything else again,Now to give you a picture of our house,we have four bedrooms,two singles and a pair of doubles,one of the doubles and singles has a door between them,you can walk into each of the rooms by this middle door.It was agreed that i could watch from the single room,which meant we had to move the bed to a different position,so i could get a clear view of what was happening.When we had everything arranged,my wife stripped again and got into bed,i was to go out and pretend i was going to visit my mother,and say i would be back in about two hours,i was then to ask the big lad if he would give my wife a hand to move some heavy furniture,then i was to go round and come in the back door and position myself in the single room to watch my wife getting fucked.i did as we planned,and arrived in the single room,But everything doesnt always go as planned,The builder had come by as i left to go round the back,and he told the big lad that he would help my wife move the furniture,my wife was lying on the bed with the duvet pushed down,and she was playing with her pussy,expecting the big lad,the builder didnt even pause in his stride,he walked straight over to the bed and put his hand between my wifes legs and rubbed her cunt lips,she must have got a shock when she saw who was rubbing her cunt,but she never said a word,he stripped and climbed on top of her and started fucking her,i could tell she was enjoying it because she was lifting off the bed to meet his every stroke,he fucked her for about ten minutes,i was furious at the start,but as he got faster and harder,i started wanking,especially when i heard my wife begging to be fucked harder,he shot his load and told her it was lovely,he asked her if she was still horny,she said she would like another cock,he said give him a minute and he would arrange it.He went downstairs,and i stuck my head out and asked her if she was ok,she said if i have to fuck the whole neighbourhood just to get that big cock up me i will,just then we heard someone coming up the stairs,and i said to myself,here he comes now,i ducked back behind the door,and my wife closed her eyes,imagine my surprise when i saw the person coming to the bed was the 18yr old boy,he started by rubbing her tits,and with the other hand he rubbed her cunt,He did the same as his boss,he stripped quickly,mounted my wife and fucked her wet pussy,again she was arching her back to get as much cock up her as possible,this young lad had a bit more stamina than his boss,he made my wife come twice,and he came twice,when he got off her,he said it was a beautiful fuck and he wouldnt mind doing it again later,my wife said she would let him know before he left.he went down to his workmates,and again i stuck my head out,i said,"by the looks of things you are never going to get fucked by that big cock",she said "if i have to go down and drag him up by the scruff-of-the-neck,he is going to fuck me today.she had no sooner finished this sentence when we heard someone starting to climb the stairs,i had made my mind up,if it was the boss again,i was going to jump out and tell him to "fuck off",but no it wasnt him,it was the big coloured lad,He looked like someone who didnt know what to do,He walked to the bed looked down at my wife and hesitated,i thought he was going to turn and run,but he got the courage to put his hand on my wifes cunt,he played with it for a while,then he got down on his knees and started licking her,i was thinking "does he realise he is licking his workmates spunk out of my wifes cunt"he was rubbing her tits and licking her so gently i thought she was going to scream at him to put it up her,when he stood up and dropped his trousers and boxers my eyes nearly fell out of my head.His cock was at least 10",and it was as thick as my wrist,i thought"god help her now",he didnt have to climb on top of her,he just pulled her to the edge of the bed,opened her legs and put the top of his cock into her,when i say the top of his cock,the top of his cock was about as big as any normal mans cock,he started fucking her with about 6 inches of it,and i could see by the expresion on her face that he was forcing her cunt open with the width of it,he then started to get excited and started to shove more of it in,when he couldnt get it in her he shoved her back to the middle of he bed,and opened her legs so wide that she said he was hurting her,he took no notice of her and went between her legs,he had to use both of his hands to hold his cock in place in front of her cunt,he put it back into her and when he had about 7" in he was able to take his hands away,he now grabbed her by the two shoulders and half pushing his cock and half pulling her down on him,he drove it up her.I could hear the intake of her breath as he shoved it in,she gave a scream that i knew his mates could hear,but that didnt stop him,he pounded her cunt until i could see her being lifted off the bed,he got her up until she was sitting on his thighs,he had his arms around her back pulling her deeper onto his cock,now she had her arms around his neck and was ramming up and down on his massive cock,its strange how things come to mind at times like this,even though i was wanking my own cock like a madman,i was thinking "would my cock be any good to her after this monster".I didnt get time to think about it because i saw my wifes two eyes rolling in her head,and i genuinely thought she was going to faint,i was just about to run into the room when i heard her say,"kiss me,i want to taste the come on your lips"he obliged her by locking on to her lips,and he shoved his cock up to the hilt.i have been married to her for 16 years and in all that time i have never seen her get a come like this one,she was laughing,then crying,then begging for more then asking him to stop because he was hurting her,and all the time he was kissing her lips and her neck and he was pulling her deeper and deeper on to his cock,she came with a scream,calling him a bastard,and in the next breath telling him he was beautiful,then he started to fuck her real fast and said he was going to fill her full of hot spunk,please fill me up she said,and he obliged her he started coming and it took him a good four minutes to empty his balls,i thought he was never going to stop shooting it up her,When he had finished,he wasnt like the other two,he put his arms around her and told her she was a beautiful woman and she was the nicest fuck he ever had,these little few words made me like him,at least he showed my wife some consideration,he dressed and left the room,i went out to my wife,and as she was lying on the bed she said "my cunt feels as if its been kicked"i took one look between her legs,and told her it looked bruised,what would you expect she said,after that monster pounding it,she said the funny thing is ,its not sore,as she got up off the bed she said she could feel the spunk running out of her,i had a look and true enough there was oceans of spunk running down her thighs,i rubbed it all back up onto her cunt hair and her arsehole until she was covered in it.I slipped out the back door and came round the front,the two men were digging as if nothing had happened,i saluted them and went in home,They broke for dinner at 1 and came back at 2, my wife and myself had a couple of good fucks while the men were working outside.i asked my wife (knowing the answer)which one of them was the best fuck,she said "The coloured lad", not just because he had a beautiful cock,but he was genuinely a nice person,i told her i felt the same about him,I asked her if she would like to fuck him again,and she said "if you dont mind",the old nagging thought came back into my head,and i said,"he is such a great lover,and he has a great cock,what if i cant satisfy you after him,and she eased my fears by saying,"if you think that,we will never do it with anyone again,because you are the only one that matters to me and all the cocks in the world wont stop me from loving you,nedless to say i was delighted to hear her say this,and told her if she wanted to fuck him again i would arrange it,ok she said if you want to,I wrote a note to the coloured lad inviting him to a pint later on that evening,saying i wanted to talk to him,i met him at 8 that night and we had a couple of beers,i told him i knew about him fucking my wife,and asked him if he would like to fuck her again,he being a gentleman as i have since found out,said he would love to if it didnt cause any complications,he is now a regular at our house,and not only that,but he has brought a beautiful coloured girl for me to fuck.we make a lovely foursome,anyone looking at us will think he is going out with the coloured girl,and i am with my wife,thats until we are behind closed doors,then he fucks my wife in the same bed as im fucking his "girlfriend",WE make a full night of it,and my wifes cunt is just as satisfied with my cock as it is with his,i havent told her how much pleasure i get from watching the oceans of spunk running down her legs after he has fucked her,she has told me that her thrill is to see me shooting my come down "my womans" throat we are a happy foursome and long may it last