Written by unknown

8 Dec 2007

It was a Saturday morning and i had no work,which was a bit unusual for me,i normally work every Saturday.I woke at my regular time of 6am,made a cup of coffee and realised i didnt have my morning paper to read.I walked up to our local shop but it wasnt open,the shopkeeper is normally up when i am on my way to work,but i forgot it was a Saturday and he didnt open till 8-30,our shopkeeper lives overhead his shop,and as i was walking away from the shop,he looked out of his upstairs window and said "Give me a minute and ill be down"I said "theres no rush i only wanted the paper",He said "they havent arrived yet,but as soon as they come in i will drop it over to you,I thanked him and left.when i went back home my wife called down to me and asked me why i wasnt at work,i told her i had no work.i asked her if she would like a cup of tea and she said she would love one,i made the tea but when i looked for the sugar there was none there.i thought i was only wasting my time going over to the shop again so i went up stairs to tell the wife i was going to drive down to our local supermarket and get a few items.She said "why dont you jump back in here and fuck my pussy until the shop opens.i said "you have me worn out,we were at it until four this morning",yes she said but i want more.I said i would go to the shop,and when i come back i will fuck you,she said "hurry up then because im as horny as fuck".I went out,jumped in the car and drove to our supermarket,when i got there i met a friend of mine who said he was going into the cafe for his breakfast,and he asked me to join him,i phoned the wife and told her what i was doing,She was a bit pissed off, and said "i suppose ill just have to have a wank.I went into the cafe with my pal,and as normally happens, we started chatting,i didnt feel the time passing by until my pal said "i better get going or ill be late for work,i didnt realise we had been talking for nearly an hour.i went to the shop and bought sugar,bread and cigarettes and headed for home.when i went in the front door i saw the newspaper on the table in the hall,i went upstairs and the wife was laying on the bed with a big smile on her face,i asked her why was she so happy,and why didnt she argue with me for being so long,she said "get into bed i have something to ask you,i stripped and got in beside her,she grabbed hold of my cock and started wanking me,She knew i loved her wanking me and after a while she said,"what would you say if i told you i would like to get fucked by someone else,i told her i wouldnt mind,but she would have to tell me who it was and describe in detail what they had done,"what would you say if i told you i have been fucking for the last three quarters of an hour"I said "your hand must be tired",She said,"I didnt use my hand,I had a cock up me,My reaction was FUCK OFF, with who,and she said "with the shop owner(naming him by name,Lets call him Jim)she said i had no sooner gone away in the car when JIM knocked on the door,she was half way through a wank and was furious that she had to stop and get up to go to the window to see who it was,JIM said,will you tell your husband i have his paper,she said "just a minute and i will come down.she threw on her dressing gown and went down to collect the paper off him,When she opened the door the first thing she noticed was the way his eyes looked straight down at her legs in her short dressing gown,This gave her a bit of a thrill,she asked him if he had opened the shop yet and he said he would be opening in half an hour,she said "well you have time for a cup of coffee then,.he came in and she made the coffee,as she said herself she was still wet from playing with her cunt,and she said she would tease him a little bit and then when he was gone she would have a good wank.she stood with her back to the sink and faced JIM who was sitting at the table,she let the dressing gown open a small bit,and watched JIMS eyes,he was looking straight between her legs,she told me that when she saw him looking at her,she knew he could see a small bit of her pussy because she had no knickers on,By the time she had got to this part of the story i was as hard as a rock,and i had moved up on top of her,rubbing my cock between her legs,and i could feel how wet she was,She said she got a little bit of a tingle in her cunt and couldnt help herself,she reached down and scratched her thigh,in doing so she opened her dressing gown to give him a clear view of her pussy.he couldnt keep his eyes off her cunt.She said its a pity my husband had to go to he supermarket,if you had been open,i would be upstairs now getting his cock up me,he said "if i was your husband i would fuck you first and then go to the shop,she opened her dressing gown completely and said would you fuck this pussy,he never answered,he just stood up,opened his jeans took out his cock and said "What do you think"she said it was a good 7" and fairley thick.she went over to him and sat him down on a chair,she climbed on top of him and reached down and guided his cock up her,he started fucking her,and she bounced up and down on his cock,she said she was so horny that she came within two minutes,he said "Please dont tell me youve had enough"to which she replied "im only getting started"she got off him and went down on her knees in front of him and took the whole length of his cock down her throat.by now my cock is buried deep in her cunt and she is pushing up to meet me,she said he grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her head down on his cock,she said he was wasting his time because she was all the way down on it,so far down in fact that she could feel the hairs at the base of his cock on her lips.he asked her did she take spunk in her mouth,all she could do was nod in reply and within seconds he filled her mouth and throat with hot come.she swallowed every last drop,and she sucked on his shaft to make sure she had left nothing inside his cock,now it was her turn to say to him "please dont tell me yove had enough",he smiled and said "im only getting started"by now im ramming my cock up her and she is pumping her cunt hard on my cock.they went up to the bed that my wife and myself were now fucking on and he fucked her cunt three times,i asked her did you not let him up you arsehole,she said he fucked her arsehole twice,as she was saying this i shot a good load of spunk up her,she told me that had i been two minutes earlier,i would have met him crossing the road.we stayed in bed most of the day fucking,every time i thought of him fucking my wife i got an erection.Of course i couldnt rest until i saw how he would react when i met him,so i walked over to the shop and bought a packet of biscuits,he looked a bit worried so i tried to put him at ease by saying,"i have to buy these for her,then she might give me a fuck,he went red in the face and didnt know where to look,i then said "she is so horny i think i will have to get someone to help me fuck her,he smiled and said if you need a hand im always available.i asked him if he was serious and he said of course i am.i asked him when would he be able to call over and he told me that his sister was coming to take over from him in about half an hour,i told him i would go over home and i would leave the door off the latch,and i would take the wife up to bed and make her horny and he could just walk in and she would be ready for him,ok he said,i went over home and told the wife what i had done,she asked me had i mentioned anything about him fucking her earlier,i said no she said lets pretend you know nothing about it and see how he fucks me.i finger fucked her,i cunt fucked her,and i arse fucked her before he called.when he came over i met him at the door and told him she was very wet and she was looking forward to being fucked by two cocks.The bastard had the cheek to ask me what way she liked it,i told him if he sees a hole stick his cock into it.we went up to her and i dont have to tell you what we did to her,all i will say is that we spent about four hours fucking every opening in her body.He went away and i stayed in bed with her for the whole day,when i asked her was she satisfied,she said i wont want a fuck again for a week,my cunt is on fire and my arsehole feels as if twenty cocks had been up it,she was partly right,two cocks had been up her twenty times,I am now going to try to get his sister on board,she is a lovely bird,and i would fuck her all day,my wife said "if you go for a pint tomorrow,i will get him over again,and when he is up me i will ask him about his sister,he will hardly refuse me when he is in my cunt,so now i am waiting for tomorrow to find out if i can fuck his sister.knowing my wife she will talk them into it,and the bonus part of it is that i will be able to hear how my wife gets fucked again ive got to go she is calling me