Written by warrenstreet

20 Sep 2013

Ive always thought about it but as many of us never had the guts to do it but as of late the urge got more and more and one day i went with my urge and never looked back. It started with a stop in a carpark to catch 5 minutes as i was knackered from a long drive and needed to rest my eyes. i found a carpark and got my head down and soon dozed off and woke up about 2 hours later busting for a piss so i ventured out of the car into a nearby woods where i was able to relieve myself. as i looked around i could see someone behind a tree and noticed they had their cock out and was having a wank. I dont know why or what come over me but i found myself walking towards him still with my cock sticking out from my trousers but noticing it getting hard as i got nearer. when i reached him he turned around and faced me grabbed my cock and led me to a clearing where he again turned to me and kissed me full on the mouth darting his tongue in and out to which i reacted by doing the same to him noticing the brisltes on his face as a weird feeling but still horny as fuck.

He dropped to his knees and began to suck my cock and the feeling was out of this world i was in heaven after about 10 minutes of this the stranger had stripped off and i too was almost naked and with him stopping for a fraction of the time to take my trousers and boxes off along with my shoes and socks i stood their in front of him bollock naked and shivering with exitement and where upon he stopped and stood up and bent me over and i dont know why but i obeyed and bent over waiting for the pain that was about to come to my tight virgin ass but instead of pain i got warm wet feeling in and around my hole. I could not believe it this guy was rimming me and by the way he was doing it he knew what he was doing and the pleasure got too much for me and i collapsed onto my knees with my virgin arse still stuck in the air.

When i got my sences back i noticed that another bloke had turned up and was wanking right near me and before i got register what was happeneing he shoved his massive cock into my mouth and fucked my face and i just loved it and started to suck for my life and all of a sudden i stopped and let out a slow long deep moan as i felt a finger enter my ass and after a few strokes began to speed up it was at that point i started to suck the cock again. After what seemed an eternity the bloke behind me manuvered himself and i could feel his bell end nudging my hole which opened gentle to accept his stiff tool and soon his balls were banging off my cheeks and there i was being spit roasted and i was so horny i wanted so much more and soon the cock in my mouth pulsed and spunked all over my face. Covered in spunk i started to fuck back onto the cock which then didnt take him long to shoot his spunk onto my back after taking off the jonny.

I rolled onto my back to catch my breath and on opening my eyes noticed that there were 3 more guys all with their cocks out they all got to their knees one shoved his cock in my mouth the other started to suck my cock and the third lifted my legs up and guided his cock straight into my still open ass which he found some resistance as his cock was really fat but my ass gave in and accomidated his full length and he to was soon banging his balls of my arse i was well getting fucked and i was fucking loving it. All three changed places at least once and by the time i came i had had 4 different cocks up my ass and i had lost count of the amount of cocks i had sucked and i was covered all over in spunk which was being licked off by the bloke who first fucked meafter he gave me some wiped and some tissue to wipe myself down which i did alone as the other guys had gone there seperate ways. I started to get dressed and was just putting my shirt on when a young lad appeared near me and said that he had been watching for ages from a distance and found it all really horny and that he was a virgin and was really nervous but wanted to taste and feel cock.

well who was i to look a gift horse in the mouth so i started to undress again and before i knew it he was naked next to me wanking and he had a huge thick cock i licked my lips and sucked his tool and after producing some jonnies i fulfilled his fantasy and fucked his virgin hole using the same technique that was recently used on me god he was sooo tight alot tighter than than my wifes fanny which didnt take me long to spunk. we both cleaned up and went our ways not before he gave me his mobile number. we have met up again but that is another story