Written by unknown

3 Dec 2007

It was my husbands birthday on 1st December and i went in to town to buy him a present,as i was browsing around the shops i bumped into my sister and her pal.I told her what i was doing and her pal who didnt know me or my husband asked how old is he,i told her his age which was 50,My sister said "dont let the 50 fool you,he is a walking sex machine",how would you know i asked her,she said she had often seen him walking around the house in his dressing gown and she got a glimpse of his cock on more than one occasion,and it was huge,that doesnt mean he is a sex machine,no she said,but when i was staying in your house last week, i heard the two of you fucking in bed and ye were at it for hours.of course i couldnt tell my sister that my husband would sit on the settee and pretend to be reading the paper and let the dressing gown fall open so she would get a look at his cock,my sister is only 22 and her pal is 21,my sister asked what was i buying him,and i said i dont know yet,she said "why dont you buy a sexy nightdress and give him the fuck of his life" and if your not able, ill go out and give it to him.what my sister didnt know was that my husband and myself had often fantisized about him fucking her,and her pal says "and if the two of you cant satisfy him ill just have to do it myself.We shopped around for a while and i asked my sister and her pal if they were coming to the party, what time she asked, i told her 9 pm,will i wear my short skirt to get him excited for you she said,you would be better wearing no knickers i said jokingly.ok she said,ill wear my very short skirt and no knickers just to get him horny for you,i said "you wouldnt dare" just wait and see said my sister.we parted company and promised to see each other later that evening,this party was a surprise for my husband,everyone knew about it but him,so at half eight i said "come on ill treat you to a drink for your birthday" so we got ready and set off for what he thought was a quiet drink.when we arrived at the rugby club everyone was there,and it was lovely to see the surprise on his face.My sister and her pal called us over to where they had reserved a big circular seat that was in a dimly lit part of the hall,as my husband was about to go call a drink,my sister said "its my treat" and my sister,her pal and myself went to the bar,we ordered the drinks and my sister asked me to go to the toilet with her,so off went the three of us to the toilet,as soon as we got in the door my sister said "you didnt think id do it did you"while saying this she lifted her skirt and i saw her shaved pussy,now she said we have a surprise for you,and her pal lifted her short skirt to reveal the hariest pussy i have ever seen,My sister said by the time we are finished with your husband tonight,he will be begging for a fuck.We went back out, collected our drinks and sat down at our table, my sister the devious bitch,sat straight across from my husband with her pal beside her,i sat next to him, which meant that anything he could see i could see also,after a drink or two and a few people coming over to wish him a happy birthday,my sister started her performance.She leaned over to whisper something to her pal,and in doing so opened her legs slightly,I had a clear view of her pussy,so i knew my husband could see it too.she leaned back and her pal leaned over to whisper something to her,and her legs opened slightly to reveal that hairy pussy.I dropped a beer mat on the floor and bent down to pick it up as an excuse to get a look at the crotch of my husbands jeans to see if he had an erection (it would be easy to see as he has an 8" cock)I saw that he was fully erect and he was looking down at the two girls legs,hoping i suppose he would get another look at their pussies.This went on for about an hour,and he got a good look at both pussies.When i went to the toilet the next time my sister and her pal came with me,my sister said "ill have to stop showing him my pussy,because its making ME horny",and her pal said "i got horny the minute i saw that big lump in his jeans" i thought it was now time i took control of the situation,so i said to my sister,"if you are that horny why dont you get yourself a cock",she said "what would you say if i told you i want your husbands cock, i have seen it a few times and i have wanked my clit thinking about it,let me tell you a secret i said,"my husband sometimes talks about you when he is fucking me.What does he say she asked,i told her that he often said he would love to fuck her pussy.Would you mind asked my sister,only if you dont let me watch i said to her,I dont care who watches she said just as long as i can get him up me,and what about me said her pal,dont worry i told her he will be well able to satisfy all three of us.when we got back to our table, As there is no smoking in bars in Ireland,my husband who smokes an odd cigarette,said he was going outside for a smoke,i looked at my sister and gave her a wink telling her to go out with him,normally he takes about 10 minutes to finish his cigarette,but this time he was gone for half an hour,i saw both my sister and my husband come back in,and as my husband sat down next to me i could see he was sweating slightly,as my sister sat down she winked at me, and making a circle with her thumb and first finger she shoved her other finger through it to let me know she had been fucked,i couldnt wait to hear what had happened so i said i was going to the toilet,off went the three of us, my sister told me when they got outside my husband said to her "you must be cold wearing no knickers"she said she wears no knickers when she goes out,that way she said if i need to get a fuck i can just lift up my skirt and get a cock up me without having to go through the bother of taking them off,he asked her if she was going to get a cock up her tonight, yes she said, if she could find a big one,he said she would have no problem finding one as he had seen her pussy inside and if he got the chance he would be up her in a flash,she asked him for a look at his cock and he pulled it out,she took hold of it and wanked it,he took her down to a dark part of the car park and leaned her over the bonnet of a car and drove his cock up her,he fucked her for about 20 minutes,her pal asked was it nice,it wasnt just nice, it was beautiful she said,her pal asked me if it would be ok for her to get fucked by him,i told her to "go for it"my husband went out for another cigarette about half an hour later,and this time my sisters pal followed him out,again he was gone for half an hour,and on arrival back the sisters pal gave us a wink and smiled,my husband had been captured by a few of his friends on his way in so we could get the story off her without him hearing,very much the same had happened to her.My husband had taken her down the car park,put her over the bonnet and fucked her,but as she said herself,she loves sucking cock,so she went down on her knees and sucked him off,did you swallow asked my sister,of course i did she said,thats the nicest part of it,now im as horny as them and i wanted a bit of cock myself,my husband was at the bar with a few of his mates,who were buying him all sorts of drinks,as i looked around i saw a friend of my husbands,this guy according to my husband would fuck anyone in a skirt,my sister and her pal were gone over to friends of theirs so i got up and walking past my husbands friend i gave him a wink that was more of an invitation,i walked outside and lit a cigarette and within two minutes he had followed me out,i didnt waste any time,i told him i had to come out for fresh air as my pussy was too hot,he said would i like someone to blow on it to cool it down,no i said i would prefer someone to shoot some spunk on it and that would wet it and make it cool,he asked me would i like to go to his car and maybe he could help cool it down,so he led me to his car and reclined the seat,i got in and he got in at the same side,he was kneeling on the floor between my legs, he didnt fuck about,he had my knickers off before i realized it,and he had his cock out and up my cunt before i had a chance to say anything.his cock wasnt as big as my husbands,but it was doing the job,he fucked me hard and fast,he shot two loads of spunk up me before i shot my come on his cock,we got out and went back to the party as if nothing had happened,my sister saw me coming in and came over to me,asked me where i had been as she had gone out looking for me and couldnt find me,i told her i was getting fucked in a car,she wanted to know who it was but i wouldnt tell her.She said her pal wanted to know if they could come back to the house with us after the party and get some more of my husbands cock,i said we will start a game of strip poker when we get home,that will make him very horny.when the party came to an end,the four of us got a taxi to our house,as soon as we got a drink i suggested a game of cards,will we try a game of strip poker said my sister,i said i didnt mind,my husband said ok and my sisters pal said lets get started.Within half an hour we were all naked,so when you have nothing to take off the person with the worst hand must do what the other three people say,my sister lost first,and we told her she would have to let my husband rub his cock up and down her cunt,which he did,i lost next and was told to bend over the table and take my husbands cock up me,which i did,her pal lost next and was told to go down on her knees and suck his cock,my sister lost again and had to take his cock up her while she was laying across the table,what really surprised me was when my sisters pal lost again,my sister said this time you will have to take the cock up your arse and she said oh yes,so my husband bent her over the table and shoved his cock all the way up her tight arsehole,i thought he would hurt her,but she was screaming for more.this went on for about an hour and then i said "why dont we all go to bed and we can all have a good fuck".we have a king sized bed and we all got in.my sister was on the outside so my husband got on top of her and started fucking her,and to my delight and surprise her pal reached down and started rubbing my cunt,she knew how to please a woman,because she went down in the bed and licked my clit to a fantastic come, of course i had to make her come,so i went down on her hairy cunt and brought her to a very wet climax.my husband shot spunk up my sister and then mounted me.he fucked me like never before,of course i knew what was making him like that,it was watching the two girls licking each others cunts,They made each other come and my husband and me came together.my husband then got up on the friend,and gave her a real hard fuck,he fucked her pussy,then he turned her over and fucked her arsehole.i never knew that my husband could fuck for so long,he fucked each of us twice,and before we went to sleep he moved in behind me and fell asleep with his cock up me,i was woke out of my sleep twice,once when the bed was bouncing as he was fucking my sister, and the second time when he was fucking her pals arsehole.the girls said they are going to make a regular thing out of being fucked by my husband,and i am definatly going to get fucked by my husbands friend again,i asked my husband if he can get two or three of his friends to call round for a drink and let them all fuck me,i am also using a hard vibrator on my arsehole to be able to let my husband up me because i saw the joy on his face as he was fucking my sisters pals arsehole,i have made myself so horny writing this true account of what happened that i am now going to phone my sisters pal and ask her to call round and mouth fuck my pussy