Written by michele1978

4 Oct 2011

early may last year my husband was spending 5 days in london he had been offered some contractual work for a large supermarket and although he didn't want to but being self employed he would have been silly to refuse. a friend called me and asked what i was doing on the wednesday nite i replied not much previously she had told me about a bar called arcadia it was close to a main fire station and there also was an ambulance station less than a mile away. Nat used to work as a cook at a fire station and loved the banter and attitude of firemen i had never had a private encounter with 1 so far.i finished a borish day at the estate agents where i worked as a sales consultant at 3 that afternoon ate then spent ages getting ready. i had a nice soak,straightened my long brunette hair and carefully applied my makeup.i wore a red satin jacquered dress it was still a bit nippy at nite so i put some sheer black tights with a seam down the back on and some patent black heeled shoes.Nat texted and said she would pick me up in a taxi at 8pm. we went in got a drink each at the bar and sat near the main entrance,a steady stream of people in uniform started arriving some ambulance girls and boys,traffic wardens! and some guys from the local TA down the road. we had been in about an hour when 4 firemen walked in 3 wearing the black shirt and trousers and the other must have been more senior he wore a smart black jacket with shiny buttons and well pressed matching trousers. all 4 were nice looking 1 came over a tall guy with black hair and muscular build and started talking to Nat i felt a bit left out then the senior 1 came over and offered to buy me a drink he was NICE over 6ft with dark blond hair and pale blue eyes and appeared to have a toned build he was in his early 40s i was 31 then. he got me a glass of wine Nat went to a table further back with the other bloke and they were getting on well. he sat next 2 me and introduced himself as jack he was married too with no kids his wife was a financial adviser on a break with her mother for 3 days. he was more reserved than the others and nicely spoken i like a man with class,he was the station officer. the guy with Nat was a close friend of his we stayed for another hour and half talking and a few more drinks he invited me back to his 4 a coffee and his pal and Nat were asked as well. we all got a taxi to his he lived in a new build 3 storey town house about 4 miles from mine. he poured us all a glass of wine i sat on a 2 seater with him,Nat and her bloke sat on the other. he asked about my life and said i was very pretty. then the bloke with Nat asked jack if it was ok for them to go in the other sitting room he said yes. we were alone now he pulled me towards him and kissed me i responded and kissed him back he was very soft but i like hard deep kissing so started sucking his tongue and he responded,i felt my clit tingle i could feel him getting hard as he pressed against me. then Nat came in and said she and the other guy were leaving to go to hers jack let them out and i came to the door and said goodbye. we went back in the room and resumed the kissing he felt my breasts i felt his cock through his trousers. he said he felt tired and did i want to go to bed we went to the bedroom he took his unbuckled his belt and took his trousers and jacket off,i took my dress off i had lace tangas and a matching bra on he lay on the bed and asked me to join him he lay on top of me and kissed me deep,his tight boxer shorts were straining. we removed our underwear he licked my boobs while i rubbed his cock he said he wanted me to ride him i rolled a condom on him then he lay on his back and i rode the full length of him very hard we both came within minutes he said he was tired and asked me to stay over he was off the next 2 days i would have to call in sick in the morning. we cuddled up and went to sleep. we woke at 8.30 am i called in work then he said he was going to give me a good seeing to.he rolled me on my back and entered me he missionary we both came pretty quickly he asked if i wanted a cuppa and went downstairs and returned with tea and toast for us. we then worked our way through a box of condoms me on top,doggy and missionary to finish. i had a shower in the ensuite while he had a bath he took me home and we swapped numbers he said he wanted to see me again. my hubby rang me that evening and asked if i was ok i said yes and he said i sounded chirpy in my voice did i have a good reason to.