Written by lion64

6 Sep 2008

Our sex life had slowly become non existent all but for once a month, yet there was no real reason, yes we had a busy life and the kids didn't help, I certainly wasn't ready to give it up just yet. Luckily it was Saturday night and my wife was off out with the girls from work which usually meant when she came back worse for drink I would have the pleasure of her wet puss for the night. I dropped her off into town, the kids at the in-laws and went home. With little to do for the next 4/5 hours I decide I needed something to get me in the mood so off to the DVD cupboard and find some porn.

11.40 the phone rang it was my wife wanting a lift home I could tell she had quite a bit to drink over the phone, as I drove down to pick her up I began to get excited about the next couple of hours. As I pulled up along side her I noticed she was with someone else, she opened the door lent in and kiss me on the cheek" hi this is Nicola she's missed her last bus home so I've said she can stop with us the night" My hart sank another evening without sex, they both got in and I set off home listening to them going on about their night out. As we arrived home my wife ran up stairs shouting "I'll sort out a bed for you Nicola and get us all a glass of wine john", I poured out two glasses and carried them into the living room by now my wife was back downs stairs, I handed them their drinks and made my way to the stairs "see you tomorrow" I said, "don't be miserable" my wife said" we have a guest get your self a drink". I poured a glass and sat down switched the TV on and and flicked through to the discovery channel. "Weren't watching this crap my wife shouted pass the controller here", she flicked through the channels and stopped on one of the soft porn channels, "that's better" she said. I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming she had never done this when we were alone let alone when we had a guest, but I wasn't going to complain. I glanced across at Nicola she seemed to be enjoying it, after a short while my wife said "why don't you get that DVD out your friend gave you", was this really happening, we had only watched it once together some months ago, but I wasn't going to complain, "are you sure I said" yes" she replied I'm sure Nicola want mind". No soon said than done, my wife pressed the play button and asked me to refill all our glasses as I walked back into the room with the drinks the DVD was playing . Both Nicola and my wife were glued to the screen and I could see why, a guy with what must have been a 9 or 10 inch cock was fucking the arse of a young woman. I sat next to my wife she put her arms over my shoulders and started to rub and pinch my nipples she slowly worked down to my groin where she slid her hand straight down and started to stroke my cock, l glanced across to Nicola she had a grin on her face her hand was stroking her nipples through her top. My wife undid my trousers and continued to rub my now rock hard cock, I was almost ready to cum even though it had only been a few minutes when Nicola stood up walked over knelt in front of me and took my cock straight into her mouth. Her lips clamed round my cock, I nearly shoot my load as she slowly slid up and down, I'd never had a blow job like this, I couldn't hold on any longer my cock exploded straight into Nicola's mouth running out the corner of her lips and onto her chin. Nicola side across to my wife pulled her dress up and started to lick her by now wet pussy, I pulled my wife's dress down over her large tits to reveal the hardest of nipples I'd ever seen, I grab them both as I watched Nicola flicking her clit with her tongue. I could hear my wife groaning and withering as she slowly came to the point of no return, she started to buck and twist as she came screaming out I could see her juices flowing out of her lips and Nicola lapping it all up. My wife stood up and took Nicola in her arms and laid her on the floor she then slid down until her lips were resting on her clit, she pulled her lips apart and slid her tongue into Nicolas wet pussy, I was feeling left when my wife signalled me to fuck her while she sucked on Nicolas pussy. I moved round to her arse and slid my finger round to her wet puss, her juices were just flowing out, my fingers slide straight in, she had never been this wet before I slide my cock into her cunt thrusting in and out as I did she was screaming harder, harder, I thrust as hard as I could my balls slap her arse. I could feel myself getting close to coming again I pulled out and moved round to Nicola she grab my cock and stared rub up and down I shot my load all over her tits, my wife stopped licking Nicolas puss to lick my cum from her tits then moved straight back down to her puss to finish her off.

We collected our things and moved upstairs to carry on, but that's another story, I still can't believe what happened that night and looking forward to see if it happened again.