Written by unknown

27 Dec 2007

My mother, who got married at the age of 18,because she was pregnant with me,is now a beautiful woman of 39.i have a sister who is a year younger than me.I am 21,and my sister is 20.my father left my mother about 4 years ago,he ran away with what he calls "a younger model of my mother"I met and married a man who thinks the world of me,he also gets on well with my mother and sister.There is always a bit of joking and teasing going on between them.One night in bed with my husband we were having a brilliant fuck,we really got carried away,and as we always do,we started talking dirty to each other,i would tell him to close his eyes and imagine he was fucking someone else,he would always say he is fucking Britney Spears,then i would close my eyes and pretend i was getting fucked by Enrico Inglasis,(hope i spelled that right)We would get a great come this way,i was a bit surprised when he said,"i was thinking of someone else just now","who were you thinking of"i asked him,he said I cant tell you because youll kill me,i promise i wont i said to him,he said he couldnt get the picture of my mother out of his head.My mother had called round to see us earlier in the evening,and i have to admit she looked stunning,she wore a short skirt and a tight top,which showed off her big tits,and i knew my husband was getting a good look up her skirt,because when i sat down oppisite her i could on occasions see her white knickers,and i knew that he could see them too.When we had fucked a couple of times,we layed back and i asked him was he still thinking of my mother.he said he felt sorry for her because she was a beauiful woman,who must have needs just like us, and it was a waste of a good body,He said jokingly,if she doesnt get a fuck soon she will close up.and your the man to open her i suppose,i said to him,i wouldnt mind,he said,with this he climbed on top of me again and started fucking me like he had never done before.he was ramming it up me so hard that he was hurting my pubic bone,and the strange thing was that i was getting excited thinking of him fucking my mother.When he had come about four times,he layed back and fell asleep,i was laying there thinking about him and my mother,and i couldnt help myself,i closed my eyes and pictured my mother as she was dressed that evening,and i could see my husband fucking her,i started wanking my clit,and the nearer i got to coming the more i wanted to see the two of them fucking,so when i had come all over my fingers for the third time i had hatched a plan to try to get them together.My mother had been talking about doing a patio at the back of her house,my husband is a bit of a handy man,so when we got up the following morning,i suggested that he might ask my mother if she wanted her patio started,"give her a ring and ask her"he said,when i got through to her she said she would love to have it done if he had the time,of course i had to get the word in,so i said,"He says he would do anything for you",Promises,Promises she replied,i told him what she said and he replied ,loud enough for her to hear,"if i got my hands on you,its more than your patio id be doing,to which she replied,"you wouldnt be able to handle a real woman".The bantering went on for a few minutes and i told her he would call round to her in the afternoon to look at the job ,and see what she needed.About two that afternoon,i took him up to bed,and we had a good fuck,while he was fucking me i said,"wouldnt you love it now if this was my mothers cunt you were fucking,again he fucked me real hard,and when he came up me,i could feel the power of his spunk shooting into me like never before.He wanted to fuck me again,but i wanted to leave him horny going to my mothers,so off he went,about two hours later,my mother rang and asked if she could call over,she wanted to talk to me,when she arrived,i made a cup of tea,we sat down and she asked,"what do you and him talk about when ye are havving sex"i told her various things,like what she asked,anything that will make us excited i told her,and what makes you excited she asked,Well to be truthful i told her,lately i get excited when i hear him saying he would like to fuck you,she said he had told her that,but she didnt believe him,so i said, what are you going to do about it,she asked me if i would mind if she did fuck him,i asked her would she mind if i watched him doing it,she said she would be a bit embarrased knowing her daughter was watching her fuck,so i told her i wouldnt let her see me,i would let them fuck in our bed,and if she would leave the door open a little bit i could watch from the top of the stairs.we agreed on this,and i phoned my husband,i asked him how long would he be,and he said he was just on his way home,i told him i was going to the supermarket,and that my mother was calling round,and she would be here to let him in.I went out and walked around the block,and saw my husband pulling up in his car,i gave him about five minutes and phoned my mother,we spoke in a sort of code,i asked her,was there any sign of him making a move,and she said "i think they will be moving in very shortly,i told her to pump my number into her phone,and as she was going up the stairs to ring me once and hang up,and i would come in without them knowing.another few minutes passed by and my phone rang once and stopped,i went in very quietly and went up the stairs,until i was on the third last step,i could hear my husband talking to my mother,he was saying she had lovely tits,and she told him he had a beautiful cock,i inched myself up another step,and could now see them on the bed,i couldnt see everything,but what i did see was my husbands arse going up and down,and my mothers legs open with him in between them.He was pumping his cock into her,she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deeper into her,he was telling her she was a lovely fuck and she was saying it was so long since she had a fuck that she had forgotten how beautiful it was,i heard my mother sayig faster,im coming and my husband was saying,do you want me to shoot my hot spunk up your wet cunt,give it to me she begged,and they both came together,He didnt pull out of her he just kept fucking,until she said she was coming again,he fucked her about five times,until i heard her say,We better get up before we are caught,this was my cue to get out.As i walked away from the house,i stopped in amazement,as my sister pulled up in her car outside our door,I prayed to god that my mother and husband had finished,and were downstairs,i watched as she went in,and i walked down to our local shop and bought a few things like bread,butter,sugar,milk,and i walked back up home,as i approached my house,my mother was just coming out,i saw the look on her face and knew there was somethimg wrong,i got in the car with her and we pulled down the road a bit,she parked up and explained what had happened.my husband had asked her for one more fuck when i had left the house,he was laying on the bed,and she got on top of him,and started fucking him.as she was fucking him she saw someone standing at the top of the stairs from out the corner of her eye, she said she thought it was me,and kept on fucking him,she got a lovely come,and then they both got up and went downstairs,and to their horror saw it was my sister who was sitting there.we must have been sitting there for the best part of an hour,my mother explaining that she made excuses about having to be somewhere,and left my husband and my sister.We sat there not knowing what to do,when we saw my sister coming out of the house,she got in her car and drove away.My mother said i should go in and find out what had happened,and to give her a ring and let her know,she said she didnt know how she was going to face my sister after she had been caught fucking my husband,she couldnt very well tell her that i knew about it,she left and i went in to the house,my husband was on his knees lighting the fire,i went over to him,lifted my skirt,pulled down my knickers and asked him to lick my pussy,he sucked hard on my clit,and i almost came all over his face,he said come on up to bed and let me give you a good fucking,when he was in me,he asked me if i would go mad if he told me he had fucked my mother,i said no,and asked him to explain in detail what had happened,so he told me what i had seen myself,and then told me about my sister catching the two of them fucking.he said my mother left,and my sister told him,"if my sister finds out you fucked our mother she will go mental"and he said "are you going to tell her",she said,im afraid im going to have to bribe you,my sister has expensive tastes,so he thought she was going to ask for money,but she said,"whats good for the goose is good for the gander",what do you mean he asked her,well she said,i saw that big cock a few minutes ago and i wouldnt mind having it up me too,so as he said himself he had no choice but to fuck her,they didnt go upstairs,he layed her down on the carpet and fucked heron the floor,he said she was a dirty little cunt,the things she done to him,were out of this world,while he was up her,she stuck a finger up his arse,he was surprised at first,but as he was fucking her and she was fingering his arse,he got an explosive organism,she got on top of him and fucked him,she went down on all fours and took him up the cunt,then she reached back and guided his cock up her arsehole,where he shot his spunk,they fucked for about three quarters of an hour and she left saying,"i will be calling occasionaly for a repeat performance,while he was telling me this i was fucking his cock with all my power,and it was my turn to have the most powerful come i have ever had in my life.we fucked for hours,and we talked about my mother,and my sister,I phoned my mother and told her the story,she said isnt it going to be lovely,you wont have to worry about him straying,because between you,me and your sister he will be getting more than he wants,and as a parting word she said "you wouldnt happen to be going shopping for a few hours tomorrow"now that ive had that lovely big cock up me i want more.i told her i will have a chat with my husband and find out if he will let me watch,(what she didnt know, was that he was buried between my legs licking my pussy,and nodding his head,saying i could,) Now i have to find a way to let my sister know i am in on the act,my husbands suggestion sounds perfect,he says he will invite her over,get her in bed naked,and for my mother and myself to walk in and catch them fucking.i want it all out in the open between the four of us,so any time one of us wants to fuck his big cock,we wont be getting him too tired for the others,Im looking forward to being able to watch that cock going up two different cunts.and the orgasims i am having over them fucking him are unbelievable.