Written by kengeer

19 Nov 2013

we had been out clubbing and went back to ours as we sat chatting having a laugh the conversation got to sex and swinging john said he and liz had tried it ann looked amazed as i asked john if it was good he said yes and liz said the guy was weird as john said she was good as liz said she would have liked someone she new and ann said thay is better john asked liz if she would have prefered me saying she would have liked it as i said to ann if i was to let her fuck a guy it would be john asking if she agreed ann said thats because you want to fuck liz john said did we fancy trying iy as i asked her if she would she saidif it made me happy as i said look at liz she is sexy ann said ok as we moved places he beside ann and me with liz liz kissed me as i rubbed her tits as ann took john next door as we kissed i removed lizs clothes as i fingered her then put my cock in her mouth she sucked me then i kicked her then fucked her in every position till we fell asleep on the sofa in the morn liz and john left

a week later liz and ann had been shopping and came bck as i was watching porn ann went up for a shower as me and liz talked and i said thanks for a great night as liz said thanking you as we looked at each other we kissed tearing our clothes off as i fucked her saying her body was sexy as ann came in looked then left when liz left ann asked if she liked my cock as much as you like johns i said telling her he told me about you loving it i fucked her as she told me about it