Written by annon

23 Apr 2014

After having a huge row with my wife i went out and ended up at a pub in the middle of nowhere where upon i bought a drink and found a small table in the corner to drown my sorrows. After about 2 hours of frequenting the bar and the world slightly becoming more bareable i noticed a young lady sat at the bar looking over towards me. Having clocked me looking at her she made her way over to me. She introduced herself as Kath and after about 2 hours of drink and chat it felt like I had known her all my life and eventually we ended up back at her house were i slumped down on the sofa and had another drink shoved in my hand. I dont know what happened next but before I knew it we were kissing really heavily and it felt great and after a while i was there naked with Kath sucking on my rockhard cock right down her throat. Still dressed she lifted her dress up and bent over and told me to ass fuck her...well as my wife was totally against the idea i jumped at it and after some lube i felt my cock slipping into a nice and tight arse and it felt great and it wasnt long before i was coming filling the condom to the brim. Kath turned around and after taking the condom off sucked my cock clean mmm nice. i was still horny yet soft the kissing continued and after sucking on her tits i was soon hard again and i moved my hand down towards her crotch only to get a shock to feel a rock hard cock where a pussy should of been. my initial shock was to move my hand however my cock went rigid to the point of it being painful. Kath could see how hard my cock was and stood up and got undressed. Before long he/she was stood there naked in front of me with a cock in my face and i found myseld doing something i had never done and i was soon rubbing that cock and it felt amazing. im not gay and would never have done anything like this but i was enjoying it sooo much. Kath must have sensed this because she shoved her cock into my mouth which i hungryly sucked it all in. The feeling was amazing and i couldnt get enough of it i loved it. Kath grabbed my head and fucked my face for all i was worth. after some moving around we ended up in a 69 position where Kath managed to work a finger into my ass where she finger fucked me really gently and this almost made me shoot me load. after a load of lube and 3 fingers up my arse she suggested she fucked me. God i was nervous as hell but found myself wanting her to do it. She positioned herself and started to enter me very slowly and after about 10 minutes of slow penetration she was banging her balls off my ass cheeks i found myself coming without even touching my cock and seeing me come kath withdrew and shoved it back into my mouth where she exploded into the back of my throat. God i was in heaven and had loved every bit of it. This was 2 years ago and after leaving my wife I am now living with Kath where we have sex on average 4 times aweek without condoms and I cant describe the feeling of when Kath spunked up my arse for the first time.