Written by unknown

24 Dec 2007

My husband, who is a long distance truck driver arrived home from the continent one Saturday,he said he had bought a two way mirror in Italy.He spent the whole weekend knocking out part of our bedroom wall to fit this mirror between our bedroom and the back bedroom,we only ever used the back bedroom if we had someone staying over.It was Sunday night before he finally stood back and admired the job he had done.He wouldnt let me see it until it was completed.he called me up stairs,to be truthful i was expecting to see my wall wrecked,but i got a surprise to see he had made a beautiful job of it.He had put the mirror on the wall and had put mahogany frame around it,i asked him what the other side looked like and was just as surprised to see that he had made a lovely job of that too.He had put a frame around the mirror,and had rearranged the bed.he told me to go in to our bedroom,draw the curtains,and put on our lights,which i did,When i went back out to him he closed the door and turned out the lights in the back room.I couldnt believe my eyes,i could see into our bedroom the very same as if i was standing in it.i asked him why he had built the mirror so you have to see into our room,we had discussed having it the other way, so we could watch our friends fucking when they stayed over,he smiled and said,"we will just have to give them our bed ,wont we".He had to go to the continent that Monday morning and as he was leaving my two sisters called by,one is 24 and the other is 27,I knew both of them would love to fuck him,because he is fairly good looking and he has a huge cock,and they both knew this,and he was always flirting with them,telling them he would love to fuck them together.when he left we sat down for a cup of coffee and had a chat,they asked if i had a horny weekend,i told them about the mirror,and said we hardly had any sex because he spent the whole weekend doing the mirror,Why didnt you call us they said,we would have sorted him out,they asked if they could see the mirror,and i took them up and demonstrated with the lights on in our bedroom and the lights off in the back room,They got cheeky and asked if they could watch him perform some night as they were mad to see his cock,we went down stairs and formed a plan.My husband would be home again on Friday night,and they should come over in the evening and when he arrived they could slip up to the back bedroom and watch through the mirror.Friday evening they arrived as planned,and we waited for my husband to come home,When we saw his car pulling into the drive they ran upstairs,i followed and locked them in.I put the key in my pocket in case he went looking for it.when he had said his hellos and had a cup of tea,i told him i was very horny,saying i got nothing last weekend,and could he please take me to bed and fuck me,I no sooner had the words out of my mouth when he led me upstairs and threw me on the bed,he literally tore my clothes off,and nearly ripped his jeans in half in his haste to fuck me.When he was stripped i could see his cock was as stiff as a poker,and a hard as a rock,He got on top of me and started fucking my pussy.now he wasnt doing anything that he didnt do before,he always gives me a good fuck,and makes me come a couple of times,but this time i was going crazy,knowing my two sisters were looking at us through the mirror.I positioned him in such a way that they could get a good look at his cock,we fucked for a good hour,in every position,and he went to sleep,when i knew he was in a sound sleep i got up and let my sisters out of the room,We went down stairs and they told me they were absolutely drenched between their legs,they said it was the horniest thing they had ever seen,and couldnt get the picture of his cock out of their heads.They left saying,"if they ever get the chance they are going to fuck him"As usual he left again on monday morning,saying he was only doing a short trip,and would be home on Thursday night.My mind started working overtime, and i told him i would be going to see my brother who wasnt well,and i would be late getting home,"Thats ok love,ill go to bed when i get home and you can call me when you come in"I knew what i had to do.I phoned my two sisters and invited them round for a drink on Thursday night,explaining that i would be going to see our brother and would have my mobile phone turned off as the hospital asks you to do this because of interfearence.Thursday came,and at 7pm my husband pulled into our drive,I ran upstairs and locked myself into our back bedroom,drew the curtains and settled in for what i hoped would be a good night.i dont know how long i was there before i heard the doorbell,but i could hear my two sisters greeting my husband.i could hear them talking below me,there was a lot of laughing and then i heard someone coming up the stairs.My 27yr old sister went into our bedroom,pulled the curtains and turned on the lights,two minutes later someone else came up the stairs,and i saw my husband going into our room,i very quietly got a chair and sat down looking in the mirror,he went over to my sister and started kissing her,she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in to her,he started undressing her,i could see her black bra and knickers,he stripped her and lay her on the bed,he went straight for her cunt with his mouth,he was licking her cunt so hard that i could see her tits bouncing up and down,he got up on his knees and shoved his cock towards her mouth,she sucked on it and wanked him while she was playing with her own clit,He lay her down and got on top of her,i could see his cock going into her,and then he started fucking her,he fucked her hard and told her he was going to shoot his come up her lovely pussy,"Oh yes fill me with your lovely spunk "she told him,which he did,He rammed his cock up her and she started screaming,and i assumed that she had come all over his cock.She got up and left the room,and as i heard her going down the stairs,I heard her talking to my other sister who went into the room to my husband.She went straight to the bed and started wanking his cock which was dead at this stage,but i knew him,It doesnt take him long to recover,and within seconds he was hard again,she stripped and it was the first time i had really seen her body.She had a shaved pussy, and tits that made me jealous,they were standing out so proudly,and she had nipples that i would pay a fortune for.He had hold of his cock to make it stand up straight,and she sat on it,she rode that cock like a professional,she brought him near to coming and then lifted off him,when he was begging for her to sit back down on him she would sit down on him again and fuck him,This went on for a while until he could take no more,he grabbed her,turned her over,lay her on her stomach and rammed his cock up her.he fucked her this way for a few minutes,and i got the shock of my life when i heard her say "would you like to fuck my arsehole" O God yes he said,i saw him pulling out of her and lining his cock up against her arse,He gave one hard push and she gave a little scream and i knew he was in her arsehole,he fucked that arse until he shot his spunk up her,They lay on the bed and i heard my other sister coming up the stairs.she got in on the other side of him and they both worked on his cock until it was ready for actiom again.They both took turns at fucking his cock,and he fucked both of their cunts, and my younger sisters arsehole,when they were well and truely satisfied,my two sisters got up and said they would go home and asked my husband to tell me to ring when i got home,now please dont think i just sat there and watched all this happening without getting horny,as my first sister was getting fucked i had two wanks,and when i saw my husband putting his cock up my younger sisters arsehole,i thought i was going to get caught,i was wanking so hard that i didnt realise i was making so much noise,luckily enough they never heard me.My sisters left,and my husband went to sleep,again i waited until he was in a sound sleep and left the room.I changed into "going out clothes" and went out the door quietly,letting myself back in making a bit of noise as i was coming in,i called to my husband who answered me,and when i walked in to our bedroom,the smell of come was so strong i nearly gave the game away,I asked did my sisters call,and told him that i had forgotten all about asking them to come over,He said they called ,but when they heard i was gone to see my brother they didnt stay long,he told me i was to give them a ring,When i rang them they said they called but didnt stay long when i wasnt there,the dirty bastards had made a plan of their own to cover their tracks,Its been about two weeks since my husband fucked my two sisters,but i saw my younger sister today and told her i was going to see my brother again tonight,did she want to call over later as my husband would be home from the continent and could do with a bit of company until i come home,she said she will call later with my other sister,So its the back bedroom for me again tonight,and a couple of wanks and the view of my older sister getting her cunt fucked,and my younger sister getting her cunt and arsehole pounded,I am thinking of a way to let them know i was watching them,but if i do tell them it might ruin the excitement,so i will let things go on as they are for a while.I know my younger sister has a pal that my husband is dying to fuck,so my next mission (i feel like Tom Cruise)is to get my two sisters and my younger sisters pal to fuck my husband.To add a little spice to this story,My sisters are fully convinced i am having an affair,they went to see my brother and he told them its been a week or more since he has seen me.They now ask me when am i going to see our brother again,thinking i am going to meet someone else,which gives them plenty of time to fuck my husband,im going to let them keep thinking as long as i can watch the beautiful sex