Written by unknown

15 Oct 2010

it was a lovly day as we where at the music festival my g/f was very merry as we met my ex who also was tipsy we all ended up at mine drinking and smoking my g/f said she needed to lay down and asked me to take her to the room she was so horny rubbing my cock telling me to fuck her i told her my ex may hear and she said she could see i wanted to fuck my ex as she was flashing her pussy at me and she had took her bra off showing her hard nipples just then my ex came in and said she would see she was ok as i went to the sitting room after a while i thought they where a bit long and went to see they where ok well when i got to the door i heard my exs voice saying lick me lorna as she moaned with pleasure as i went in i saw my ex naked almost her legs open as she sat proped up with pillows the duvet covering her thighs as i saw lorna under it my ex was girating her hips moaning i said enjoying urself my ex said she knew how i liked her as lorna urged me to join them i had an instant hardon and started to rub annes tits which where now sagging a little but her nipples bigger as she kissed me telling me she and pauline had been at it for ages and was i fucking any other girls ordid i want to as lorna would agree i said i wanted to fuck alice from lornas work a small red head who looked so dirty as lorna said she would call her and we could all go out next week as i watched them licking and kissing each other i left them to it

on wednsday lorna said she had arranged a night with alice anne and anne was bringing liz an old mates ex who me and anne used to fantasise about they went to town and at midnight i picked them up and they where all in good spirits anne saying to me and the others how i used to fantasise about liz as liz said to me thats nice kenny do you still think im sexy or is there another woman you fantasise off now ann said i loved dirty looking woman with hairy bush and dark nipples alice said like me as she laughed saying he would not fancy an old saggy chested burd with a foppy belly like her ann said if you are dirty he would wouldnt you kenny as we got home we sat talking and joking and as i got drinks the girls where windig me up saying to me who did i want the most to take my pick as ann suggested we play dare as we did she dared me to tell them who i had fantasised about and what i thought of as i told them alice went to the loo and they said to me to go and try fuck her ok i said and went to the loo and as i entered alice was washing her hands as i went behind her saying that she did turn me on so much and not to tell the others she turned and kissed me so passionetly saying she fancied me so much as i said we should meet up mid week and made arrangments as i kissed her again my hand rubbing up her thigh to her crotch feeling her damp knickers saying i could feel her hairy pussy she said she would shave if i wanted i asked if i could get a quik look at it as she lifted her dress pulling her knickers to the side to reveal a mass of hair as i just lokked then said no thats lovly as i got on my knees and licked her as i held her hips tightly as she tried to pull away saying we should stop as i forced my tounge up her hole she groaned as she opened her legs pulling her knickers to the side moaning she started to shudder as she orgasmed her juices covering my face as we went back to the others