Written by anonnnn

17 Mar 2015

Well this come out of the blue unexpected but god very horny. Quick background catch up. I have been fucking with an old workmate for over a year who is now divorced with 2 children all teenages 1 lad and a girl who is the youngest at 18 and lives away in the midlands and comes home occasionally where the lad still live at home but is always out. the son and the mother work together in a nearby factory and the daughter used to work there as a student but left to work away. The husband moved out to be with his new girlfriend and never comes around so back to the story. I had made up a story that would get me out of the house every sunday morning for a fuck and as i had been there the previous Sunday i spent the best part of 4 hours filling the mothers every hole with my cock and spunk and was looking for another performance this coming sunday.

I normally let myself in as the door is open so on entering i made my way up to the bedroom where the bed covers were thrown back and feeling the bed noticed it was still warm. hearing the shower I headed along the hall to the bathroom where the door was partly open and the shower going not thinking I went to step in and noticed that the figure was not my fuck buddy but her 18 year old daughter in front of me bollock naked washing herself god my cock was rock hard so i had to get it out to relieve the pressure and I stood there in the doorway wanking my cock to this gorgeous figure in front of me miles away fantasing about fucking her young body.

The water suddenly stopped and this brought me back to me senses whereI put me cock away and went back downstairs to the kitchen where I made enough noise to waken the dead as to not scare the daughter whom after about 5 mins come down stairs in a dressing gown and said hello. She was aware that I had been spending some time with her mother and she was alright with this as it made her mum happy and I knew her for about 3 years from work so it was not as though we were strangers so lets call her Cassy for sake of this story. She asked me if I wanted a drink as her mum had to go into work and wont be back till after 1 pm so i said okay then I would get off. Cassy made me and herself a drink and sat opposite me where we chatted about her new job and boyfiends and old work and so on and while doing this I was looking down at her feet as I really have a thing for feet mmmmm I could suck them little toes for ever and fantasizing again about her. This must of been obvious cause she stopped talking and was wiggling her toes and opening her legs quite plainly for me to see her inner thighs which looked absolutely amazing like her mothers but a bit longer. She then said do you like what you see. i was gobsmacked and started to stutter saying I was sorry and i didnt mean it. Cassy just looked at me with a look in her eyes I had seen in her mothers and said do you like what you see. God yes it is beautiful and with that she stood up and dropped the gown off her and she was completely naked god I started to drool. She had a lovely pair of tits and a neatly trimmed pussy where i could see her lips were swollen and sticking out of her fanny mmmmmmm.

She come to me and started to undress me and before I could shout she had wipped my boxers off and I was naked in front of her. Well I hadnt been with someone as young as her since I was the same age. I took her upstairs where i laid her down on the bed and started to suck those toes god they were lovely. Cassy said that she seen me at the bathroom door wanking earlier and got all horny and said leave my toes for later and lick my fanny. I dived down there and licked for all my life concentrating on her asshole mmmm tongue fucked her ass and her fanny to the point where she was screaming fuck me. I eased myself into her and fucked like a man possessed and withdrew and told her to suck my cock which she did without any hint of un wanting and sucked me good and proper. She stopped and started to kiss me all up my chest to my face where she said looking me right in the eyes...Like my ass again it was amazing to which she turned around and got on all fours and i got behind and licked away everynow and then sticking a finger in to lube her hole. I decided cos her mum wouldnt let me fuck her ass she was going to get the pleasure which i did. i got up behind her and after a bit of coaxing managed to get it in and soon my balls were banging off her ass cheaks. Spunk in my ass please do it I obliged and fucked her good emptying my juice into her ass ......lovely.

After we shared a shower I started to feel a bit guilty and unfair to her mum which I think Cassy noticed and said dont worry me mum arranged this all as a special gift to you. Bless her.....