Written by unknown

26 Feb 2008

picture this my mat who i took with me to a game of rugby (union of coarse) well it was lat,as usual we overdid the drinking, well at WILLS HOUSE WE HAD FOOD AND DRINK and we where a shall we say relaxed and as i had always had a thing about Wills wifes TITS a sort of mention what i would like to do!!!

the next thing i have tongue deep in my mouth, i looked over out of the corner of my eye and see my wife kissing my mate hang on chris is stroking my KNOB painfully hard by now she sidles down my body

and skilfully releases my knob see then gives me a few wanks and slip it into her month and sucks as if her life depended on it i looked over to Will inches away from me and what did he think he was doing

with my wife? only down on his knees giving her male head and was she enjoying it? you bet she was bucking like a whore and cunming bucket fulls and Wills wife was still sucking a way THREE times i came into her mouth.

the next day we all met as if nothing happened shame because since then i have a loads of RUGBY fun!