Written by dobin

19 Jan 2011

My First meet…

It was quite a few years ago now; I got to chat to a single lady on here and things developed so we arranged to meet. I went to her Bungalow. The evening was a very slow start, having a cup of tea and chatting we were both totally new to this.

Eventually I decided if I don’t make a move the night would be wasted so I went and kissed her, she responded well and soon we hands all over each other, she had very large tits and they had responded well as I could feel her nipples through the materials. My cock had risen to full height and was now poking over my trousers and she went down to release him an she gorged herself on him as I tried to get a hand to her cunt..

I said, lets go to bed and she led me to a double bed nearby, we stripped and I was soon getting my cock sucked deeply again but now as she knelt up I could get my fingers working hard on her crack, it was soaking wet and soon she was gagging on my shaft so I turned her over and fucked her cunt deep and hard

She was quite a big girl and was amazingle good to fuck, she responded well with a few clear orgasms that made her shudder and scream, eventually and before I shot my load she got on top of me and controlled the fuck brilliantly, teasing me to the edge but then she wanted to go back down and suck my cock, so what man would argue with that.

She curled up with her back to me and started what felt like a long slow gentle suck, her hand seemed colder but it felt very good and the tip of my dick was getting some very special attention, I asked her if she was enjoying it and she said it was exclellent, but as she spoke my cock was fully engulfed by a mouth!!, I quickly moved her to one side to see a man in a wheelchair who was leaning over and it was him who was sucking me and wanking me.

I was actually disgusted and I went mad and asked what the fuck she was playing at. It turned out that it was his place, she was a friend who arranged guys to come round and fuck her so he could get a suck of their cock, obviousl he had come in quietly and of course not expected, she had shielded my view and I was very near to shooting my load and after he would have gone out and I would never had known the difference.

I was fucking angry and my cock had dropped to a limp state, I had a full on row with her and gave him a good mouthful and said that if he wanted this why didn’t he just say, there are many bi guys around who would have relished the chance.

I hadnt finished with her so I told him to go and sit in his wheelchair by the door and watch, he was very scared now and did exactly as I said, now, I said, you bitch come here and on your knees in front of him and get this cock of mine hard we are gonna give this guy a fuck show he wont forget, she knelt in front of him, her arse and cunt obviously clearly seen by him and he stared as she took me in her mouth, I pushed her head down so she gagged and spluttered… you like this do u? I asked him and he was clearly aroused, again and again I used ramming my cock deeper each time as she spluttered, making her gag hard until she screamed for me to stop before she was sick.

I turned her round side on to him and I started to fuck her so hard doggy style she was screaming and cumming all the time her cunt was so sloppy with her juice it was easy to ram home, but as I got near to cumming I stood up and went to the bloke and holding his face I wanked clearly at him, he opened his mouth and I shot all my spunk in his open mouth and then all over his face, thick and creamy. I grabbed her hair and pulled her up and told her to lick him clean, which she did greedily, licking all over his face and delving into his mouth but he had swallowed all there was there. As she did I spanked her arse hard, and again she screamed but in orgasm this time.

I dressed and could clearly see he had cum in his trousers or pissed himself, I made her stay naked and go and get us all a cup of tea, she did exactly as I was told and when we had sat and chatted I asked him if he wanted to taste my cum again? He said he did, but I had something in mind… I stripped again and took her to the bed and rammed my cock up her again as he watched until I unloaded a my bollocks which were full of my spunk, up her hole, I then siad for him to cum and lick the spunk out of her cunt, he said he didn’t like women but I got him near and shouted “suck her cunt you fucker” and he went down as I watched him closely, as my spunk dribbled out he lapped at it, I told him to lick her clit as she would cum again and he did this but as he did I fingered her until she gushed all over his face.

I left them both exhausted and walked out. A week later she contacted me and apologised but she was so excited by what I had done to her after I caught her out that she wanted more and she turned out to like beingh a sub, I met her a few more times and alone, eventually I got her to bring along a friend who she had confided in and also had sub tendencies and that was brilliant but we parted and never met again after that last all night 3 way dom sub session.