Written by SouthcoastRob

21 May 2013

Hi guys,

The first bi experience followed months of thinking about what it would be like so one day I hooked up with a guy called Peter who was in his early 50's. We met in a car park over at Ditchling common in West Sussex. We shook hands and he led me to a secluded woodland.

We talked for a few moments to clam my nerves and then he slowly pulled his trousers down to reveal the smoothest cock. It was not the biggest but i was in ore. I grabbed with both hands to get used to the feel and slowly put the end into my mouth. That was it, I was like to cock sucking fiend and so I kept going. I could feel his buttocks tense as I rubbed his arse hole with my middle figure... and then he gave out a huge groan before he shot his warm load in my mouth.

Then it was my turn...

He played with my cock through my jean and then gentry started sucking by balls as he stroked my arse. Not sure if it was nerves, within moments I was tensing up myself and before I could even attempt to control it, vast amounts of come where being sucked up by this pro.

Afterwards we chatted for a bit and had a laugh before going our separate ways.

If you’re interested I'll tell you about when Peter and I met a few weeks later at my place

Much love

Rob xx