Written by glasgow

8 Nov 2013

I met my ex wife in town last year and she looked still as sexy even though she put on a few pounds drinking at the table with her mates she had on a low cut dress and a wonder bra as her tits looked busty and bigger she said to me to stop looking at her tits and said they looked good as ever saying they will sag now I bet saying how sexy an image I had in my head she said they did sag a bit but her nipples had got bigger I said was she still as dirty saying she must have done lots of horny things reminding her of what we got up to when married saying to her did she have any more girly fun after the girl we had that looked like liz our friend she said she ended up having sex with her after they met on a night out and still meet now and then saying to me I wanted to fuck her saying she told her and she said she would have fucked me then said wait a minute as she called on her mobile then said to me here say hello I said hi as a female said to me how was I fine I said asking her name she said its liz saying she was on her own and would love to see me again saying why don't I call in on the way home giving me her address saying she was stoned I said ok saying to her I hear her and ann meet for fun as she said they met with guys as ann liked to see her fuck saying she always fancied me as I told her I was the same with her saying I used to imagine her being dirty as fuck liz said she had not changed much fuck I said asking her was she as curvy saying I remember looking up her skirt trying to see her cunt hoping it was natural like her tits that I liked as they sagged a little saying her nipples looked good when they where visible in her top ann took the phone saying we would call in and chatted a bit then said to me did I want to go now ok I said as we sneaked out got a cab she told me liz talked so dirty and I would love her pussy as it was so hairy we chatted about how I wanted to fuck her years ago and what she looked sexy in we got to liz,s house and walked up the path as liz opened the door wearing a short black mini and fitted white top just as she used to wear she showed us in as I noticed she had no bra or stockings on we sat chatting and smoking when ann said to me to kiss liz I said to liz was it ok she said ok just a kiss we kissed and liz was so exited as she sighed as I stroked her legs as we stopped ann went to the loo and I said to liz could I kiss her again hesitating she said ok a quick one before ann gets back kissing her as I touched her tits rubbing her nipples through her top getting them hard as I stroked her thigh up and round her knickers whispering to her I had wanked to fucking her she pressed her lips harder onto mine as I rubbed her crotch of her panties feeling her wet as she moaned opening her legs as I put my hand down feeling her huge hairy bush rubbing her clit as she girated her hips moaning as ann entered and sat down saying she loves it fingering her hole she said to ann she was so horny ann said to her she was to enjoy it like a good girl liz said yes ann told her to fuck my fingers and rub her tits liz moved pressing hard on my hand getting her tits out playing with her nipples as ann told her to tell me how she wanted me for years liz moaned sayingto me she was wanting my cock I took her pants off she was so hairy I looked at her pussy seeing how dark it was and lay on her my cock hard in my hand easing it up her tight cunt kissing her tits sayingto her to move slowly moving in rhythm as I slide in and out her hole saying to ann she was some fuck as liz said fuck me I love it as ann watched fingering her cunt asking me if she was good I said she was great as ann told me she gets others to use her and she loves it fucking liz harder she moaned loud climaxing and shuddering I asked her if she wanted to see me fuck ann she said yes I got up and went over kissing ann saying I would love to see them with a couple of guys as I stroked her pussy and got between her legs and fucked her hard till she orgasmed