Written by fuckalious

18 Sep 2009

hi there folks thought that i shall share a story for you lot,

this is true no need to make up things lol

short true story jus for u guyz lol

it was last year around december, my ex girlfriend T who was 19 at the time had here cousin come over from pakistan for studies,

she was a bombshell but obvisiously i tried to ignore her didn't want my girlfried to get pissy with me lol

here name was N she was 18, big boobs, big nice firm ass beautiful hair, funny intelligent gosh dream girl, my girl on the other hand small tits but nice arse not saying she wasn't pretty lol but my god her cousin was like a dream that you don't want to wake up from.

since N was new we had to show here around the city centre, the colleges, cafes an bars etc so we would hang out a lot i started to relise there was something fishy going on between them two, that they always were whispering an giggling which made me really uncomfertable, so i asked my girlfriend one day instead of giving a christmas present please, please just tell me what the hell you guys giggling bout, first my girlfriend started telling me off saying i was too nosy an that its i secret, but she cracked finally, she told me that N used to swing back in pakistan an the times she nearly got caugth p.s. (if you got caught in pakistan the people are crazy animals they just not that open bout sex you could get jailed or worse) any way my girlfriend asked me out the blue would i fuck her?

now what the hell i was thinking in my mind, first i said no, (obvisiouly to show my girlfried that i am a disciplined man who isnt into all crazy fun sex, but you guys should know i love all types of sex just haven't been that open.)so then my girlfried T say what your saying she ugly, i was like no so i flipped the question to her would you fuck her? she was like i would, i was shocked but i thought she was joking so said yeah we could have a threesome, so this type of joking about went on for a while until i caught them both in the 69 position in my girlfriends room drunk as a skunk out their minds, i was thanking god all the way for that wondertful time. N currently live in london with T, i still chat to my ex, we occasinally meet for threesomes keep things sweet