Written by unknown

7 Feb 2008

To continue my story.When i got home,i stripped and had a shower,and went into bed,about a half hour later my husband came in,when he came to bed i could smell the sex off him,you women will know what im talking about.I didnt have any knickers or bra on,and when my husbend touched off me,he said "are you horny"i told him i was very wet and needed a good fuck,if he only knew it was my friend getting fucked that made me horny,he might have taken a different approach.he put his hand between my legs and rubbed my clit,then he put two fingers up my cunt and started finger fucking me,before very long i was begging him to put it up me,which he did,and as normal he started slowly,i started talking dirty as usual,and he started to get faster.but this time i wanted to make him come in me thinking of my friend???".i said "id love to see you fucking ???,and he said "do you think she has a nice cunt" id say so i replied,knowing that only an hour ago the bastard had been up it.he got really excited and fucked me so hard he was banging his balls off my arse.he turned me over and rammed his cock up my arsehole,he was going like a train,he shot his spunk up my arse,and layed back for a few minutes,he got hard again and fucked my arsehole,then turned me over and fucked my cunt,but this time he moved up and sat across my tits and wanked his cock,he asked me if he could call my friends name when he was coming in my mouth,i told him to call her name,he started to come and as he was shooting into my mouth he kept saying "take my hot spunk you horny bastard" and he called her name,i locked my mouth around the knob and sucked on it,closed my eyes and pictured her drinking his come,and i got a come myself like ive never had before.we went to sleep and he left for work the next morning,about 10-30 my friend rang me and asked if it was alright to call over,i said OK,when she called we chatted about the night before,i told her what i saw and she filled me in on their conversation.She said my husband wanted to fuck both of us together but didnt know how to ask me,Fuck him i said,im going out tonight and im going to get fucked,She said she had the man for me,she explained that one of my husbands friends fucked her last week,and he told her that he would give anything to fuck me,"where will i find him",go down to the ???? and he will be there drinking a pint with his pal,OK i said im going there tonight,can you phone my house about 7,i will be in the shower and you ask my husband can you talk to me,say you are going for a drink and you want me to go with you,OK she said.I went for my shower at 5 to 7 and i heard the phone ringing,my husband answered it,when i came down he told me that my friend ??? had rung and wanted me to go for a drink,i rang her and she told me my husband asked her to have a chat with me and see if i would have a threesome.i left and went to the????,and sure enough the bloke was there with his friend,He saw me and bought me a drink,he sat down with me and we chatted for a while,after an hour and a few vodkas,i told him i had to go home as i was feeling a bit tipsy,i was delighted to hear him offer to drive me home,when we got in his car,i got brazen and asked him to get me home in a hurry as i was feeling really horny and needed a good fucking.he said "if you need a fuck that badly i can help you out" i asked him how,without a word he turned the car and headed for the very same woods that my husband had fucked my friend in the night before.when we got there he parked in a dark spot and reached across and started undoing my top,he let my tits drop out and then put his mouth around them,he sucked hard on my nipples,and i felt his hand lifting my skirt,then before i knew it he had his fingers rubbing my cunt,i was soaking wet,i opened his jeans and saw a lovely big cock standing up,with a big knob on it,i reached across and put my mouth around it and started sucking,as i was doing this he reached over me and put a finger up my arsehole,when he realised i would take an arse fucking,he got out of the car and walked around to my side,he took me out and pulled my knickers off,then he sat in and told me to sit on his lap,i sat down and he guided his cock up my cunt,i was so horny i started bouncing up and down on his big knob,he started coming almost at once,he said "give me a few seconds and he will stand again" and it did ,this time he shoved it up my arsehole and fucked me real hard.He had his hands on my shoulders and was pressing me down onto his knob,he shot his spunk up me and he went soft again.with the excitement of getting fucked i didnt take any notice of my sorroundings,until he said,"i think theres someone watching us from that car over there" i didnt even know there was another car near us,but when i looked there was someone looking at us,"i think its someone doggin he said",if they want to have a look,let them i said,before he could reply the man in the other car got out and walked to the back of his car,he took out his cock(which was huge)and started wanking it,i felt the cock under me starting to rise again so i got it up me,now i was really horny,one cock up me and watching another cock being wanked,the other man walked over towards us still wanking his cock,He came to the door and looked in at me getting fucked,the cock up me exploded into me again and at the same time he said,"would you like that cock up you",get out and ill show you i said,I had to get out to let him up,and when i did the other man put his hand up my skirt and fingered my cunt,He opened the back door of the car and layed me across the back seat with my legs dangling out on the ground,he shoved my skirt right up to my hips,my tits were still hanging out,and he got on top of me,He rubbed his cock in and out between my legs,then he shoved it up me,Jesus it was big,i could feel my cunt lips stretching,he started pumping his cock up me,it was sheer heaven.i didnt think any man could do what he did,he fucked me for about 5 minutes and then i felt him spunking up me,but he didnt stop,he kept going and he spunked me again,and he did it a third time without missing one stroke,he spunked me so much that i could feel the wetness running down my cunt lips every time he was pulling out,and i could feel his big cock slipping in so easely because of his spunk all over my cunt,"would you be able to give me one arsehole fuck he asked" if i can take it i told him"with that he helped me up and took me to the back of the car.he bent me over the boot,lifted my skirt again and drove his cock straight up my arsehole,it might have hurt me,but my mind was running wild,i was thinking of my husband in this very spot,doing the very same thing to my friend,i asked this man if he would shoot his come in my mouth,and he told me he had very little left,but whatever he had i was welcome to it in my mouth,he suddenly turned me round and told me to get on my knees,he put his cock into my mouth,and if he thought he had only a drop left,id hate to see what he thought a lot was,he started shooting spunk down my throat and he nearly choked me,he had so much that he shot it all over my chin,my tits,and he filled my mouth,and he kept squirting as i was sucking.we finished up by the two of them fucking me on the grass,The stranger up my cunt and the friend up my arsehole.As my husbands friend was driving me back he told me that the other man was a friend of my husbands too,and when we left the pub he followed us knowing that his pal was going to try for a fuck,and maybe he might get lucky.I collected my car and drove to my friend ???.I explained what had happened and she gave me a bottle of "bud",just to have the smell of drink off you she explained,what are you going to do about your man wanting the threesome she asked,"tell him id love to give it a try" and tell him to bring the subject up when we are having a fuck".Now this is where i got a shock,in all the time i knew my friend,i never once saw her looking at a woman as if she wanted to fuck her,but when she said "What if i got carried away and started licking your pussy,what would you think"i said,I dont know until it happens,"have you ever done it with a woman before she asked,"i experimented when i was in school i told her,well you can try it again when we get your husband to bed she said,and by the way,theres another friend of your husband calling here in about half an hour for a fuck,do you want to stay or are you going home,ill stay and maybe we can see how we all get on before we try the threesome with my husband.They say all good stories should have three parts,so i will tell you all part three the next time,and i promise you wont be disappointed.