Written by unknown

6 Feb 2008

One saturday morning as we were laying in bed,my husband and i were feeling a bit horny and he reached over and started rubbing my clit,he had the duvet thrown back and was wanking his cock,as i started to get wet,i took over from him and wanked his cock until it was as hard as a rock,my cunt was aching for him to fuck it.When he did get on top of me,and started slowly pumping that lovely cock in and out i was going up and down to make sure he would get his cock well up me.As usual we got round to talking dirty to each other,he likes to pretend he is fucking someone else,and i pretend to be that person,i like him to be some man that picked me up in a car and takes me to a quiet spot in the woods and fucks my cunt and arsehole,When we both had a fantastic come,we layed back and had a chat,i asked him would he fuck someone without me knowing,he said he wouldnt,what about you he asked,"never i replied".mind you he said i wouldnt mind fucking your friend ????,and i wouldnt mind fucking your friend????,you better be careful said my husband,because he would fuck you,he always says you have a lovely body,and he wouldnt mind getting up you.Well you better be careful too i told him because my friend said she would like to have your cock up her.We got up and decided to go to the market,when we got there the first person we bumped into was my friend ???,we had a chat,and she said she had to go to the other side of town to to get her car serviced,i said "are you sure its your car thats getting serviced"I Wish" she replied,how are you getting back i asked her,ill get a taxi she said,dont be silly,i will get my husband to follow you over and give you a lift back.OK she said,but im going in half an hour,no problem i said,he can go with you and i will go to the cafe and have a bit of breakfast and wait for ye to come back,Thanks she said.I told my husband,and he said no problem,we walked to my friends car and they left,my husband driving behind her.I continued rambling round the market picking up bits and pieces and then went to the cafe,i ordered breakfast,and by the time it was served i looked at my watch,i was surprised to see that nearly 2 hours had passed since they had left to get the car done.I phoned my husband and he said they were on their way back,when he came into the cafe she wasnt with him,he said he had dropped her off at home on his way back.he had a breakfast,and we left to go home,i put all the shopping in the boot and on the back seat.As i was putting a bag on the seat i saw what looked like a pair of knickers on the floor behind my husbands seat,i said nothing,until i had a chance to investigate what they were.When we got home my husband unloaded the boot,and i unloaded the back seat,when he was gone into the house i picked up what i now saw were a pair of knickers,"and they werent mine"Only one conclusion" they were my friends???.she was the only other person in the car that day.I now decided to play detective,when we had finished ouloading the car,i told my husband that i had to go and pay our credit union money,and i would only be half an hour,i drove straight to my friends house,and instead of challenging her i took a different approach.I said "my husband says you are a lovely fuck" She paled a little,and said "Did he tell you"i said "Not in detail,but he told me he fucked you"I thought i would be furious,but instead i was getting wet thinking of my husband fucking my friend.I asked her to tell me what they had done.She told me they dropped off the car,and he offered to drive her home,on their way the conversation somehow got round to sex,and he told her about us talking dirty,one thing led to another,and she was so horny by the time they got to her house she wanted him to fuck her,they went in and he stripped her in the kitchen and fucked her on the floor,he then took her up to the bed and fucked her cunt and her arsehole,she sucked his cock and drank his spunk,then he fucked her again,then his phone rang and it was you,so he had to go.I told her he didnt tell me about it,and how i had found the knickers under the seat,"i searched everywhere for them and couldnt find them"she said.I told her not to say a word to my husband about me knowing the truth,Are you violent she asked,no,as a matter of fact im as wet as ive ever been,thinking about him fucking you.I asked her would she do it again,but this time i wanted to watch them,"just to see how he performs with someone else".We made arrangements for her to call him that night and take him out the road to the woods and fuck him,that was the only place i could see them without him seeing me.Later that night his phone rang,and when he had finished speaking he said his friend wanted him to go for a pint,and off he went,my friend phoned me and told me he was coming to collect her,make sure you take him where we arranged i said.i set off in my car and parked in a quiet spotand moved to a spot where i could get a look at them,before long they arrived and it didnt take him long to get started.He got out and she joined him at the back of the car,he bent her over the boot and lifted her skirt,i could just about see his cock when he took it out,but i could see the white of her arse as he lifted her skirt,he rubbed his cock between her legs for a few minutes,then he bent his legs and gave a hard push and i knew he was in her.he did as he normally does with me,he started slowly,and then got faster,he had hold of her hips and was banging her off the boot,she was pushing back at him,and the more she pushed back the harder he drove it into her,at one stage he had her lifted completely off the ground,he stopped fucking her and turned her round,he said something to her and she got down on her knees,I knew what was coming,because the one thing he likes is to shoot his spunk into my mouth,and i knew she was going to get it down her throat,and thats exactly what he did.As she was kneeling there he wanked his cock and when he came he shoved his cock into her mouth and shot his spunk down her throat,I was so wet i had to play with my cunt,but i didnt want to make myself come because i wanted to save it for when he was fucking me tonight,and i would be able to picture him and her fucking.He stood her up and she played with his cock and balls and before long he was ready for more,he fucked her leaning over the boot backwards,and he fucked her up the arse again,and once more he came in her mouth.they then sorted themselves out and got into the car and headed off,i had plenty of time to get home,because he had to drive her home first.But i made a vow to my self when i saw my husband fucking my friend,i said,"OK you bastard,two can play that game".I will continue this story later,and tell you what happened when he got home,and how i fucked two of his pals,and the great fuck me and my friend??? had with his best pal,"Watch out for part two"