Written by michele78

2 Oct 2011

very recently i was contacted on a contact site by a guy called jake he said he was 34 and was a paramedic he had viewed my profile on the site stating a preference for men in uniform. he described himself as 6ft 2 with a good build that he was no brad pitt,green eyes and considered to be reasonably attractive and asked if i minded that he was a red head. we exchanged some private pics he was very attractive with dark auburn hair and nice light aqua eyes. he liked the look of me as he said he likes classy brunettes.we spoke on the phone and arranged to meet at a starbucks the next day when he finished the night shift. i wore tight skinny jeans,high heeled knee high patent boots and a sheer ivory pussy bow blouse with a sapphire lace bra underneth. i had my hair in a chignon and wore some dangly pearl and diamond earrings and a quilted chanel handbag over my shoulder. i walked in he was sat at a small table he rose and kissed me on the cheek and asked me what coffee i wanted i had a skinny latte. we got on very well and had a good laugh he told me his wife was a 36 year old staff nurse he loved her but that she was a size 20 with ginger hair and didn't wear make up or on trend clothing. he said i was very pretty and asked what i thought of him i replied first impressions very favourable(i work as a estate agent)he laughed. we walked to his car and he drove to somewhere more private as i stroked his thigh. he parked at a beauty spot and when i took my seatbelt off he leant over and parted my lips and started sucking my tongue i responded and sucked his we kissed very passionatly and he undid some buttons on my blouse and fondled my 38D breasts. i unzipped his jeans he had no briefs on and stroked his hard cock we did this for over an hour. he was tired from his shift we arranged for him to come to mine on the following saturday night when my hubby was attending a function at the golf club.we kept in touch daily during the build up to our next meet he told me he was a big fan of bon jovi and he loved the rock chick look of the woman in the videos,i said i would dress as one as long as he wore his uniform. that night he was coming round i wore tight black shiny PVC trousers a very sheer red ruffle blouse falling off one shoulder with a black lace bra and matching thong and red stiletoe shoes. i wore my hair big cascading over my shoulders and spritzed it with gucci envy me. i wore lashings of deep rose lip gloss,eyeliner and fake lashes with red nails. when he came in he said i blew him away he looked so tasty the green of his uniform played up those aqua eyes.i lead him straight to my bedroom he stroked my bum i grabbed felt the length of his cock through his trousers and we french kissed for ages. we got undressed and 69d on the bed. he said he wanted to fuck me pushed me on my back and entered me he pushed his cock all the way in deep then slowly all the way out then in again until we both came very loudly. he sat on my dressing table chair and asked me to ride him i slowly but very hard did this whilst he sucked my tits,we both came very hard i felt his hot cum burst on my walls.he then he bent me over the dressing table and pounded me hard he came within minutes. we have arranged to meet every 3 weeks i said abscence makes the wait very enjoyable and it gives us a lot to look forward to in the build up. he wants to have me in his marital bed next time i shall duly oblige.