Written by dobin

8 Mar 2014

I am creeping up the age ladder now but this last weekend I was back in my home town in Bishops Stortford when I met the unmistakable beauty I had loved as a 21 year old, we hugged and kissed and with huge smiles decided to go for a coffee and catch up with the old days.

We were both working at a research farm near the town, I had given up a carreer in the city and had recently joined the company and she (Toni) and I were always chatting at lunchtime. I had my 21st birthday party and the next day at lunch Toni asked what gifts I had received, I showed her a small finger signet ring in gold with a black stone and she took and admired it. She put it on her finger and started to walk off… she said that if I wanted it back I could get it at tea break in the animal unit she worked in and then just walked off.

I didn’t really think much about it, it was a Sunday and it was only skeleton staff on duty and by 3pm most had gone so I walked down to her unit. The animals all seemed very quiet in there and no immediate sign of Toni until she called out from above somewhere, she was at the top of a pile of hay bales used for feed and called for me to join her. She had made a sort of small room and said she often used it to get some quiet time and this time she had covered the floor with old sacks. She had made the bales into a seat and a backrest and was sitting there waiting for me and patted the seat next to her.

I sat wondering what was happening, but didn’t have to wait too long, she said I could have the ring back and slid it seductively onto my finger…. And now I can give you a kiss for your birthday she said… and leaning over to me offering her lovely lips I was soon kissing her with deep and excited passion, she moved away smiling and simply said… and now the main present, she felt over my jeans and yes my cock was rigid, unbuttoning the top and zipping down she put her hand inside my jockeys and wanked me resuming the kissing.

She asked me to stand and she removed my shoes socks jeans and pants, taking the tip into her mouth for my first ever BJ, I was very near exploding when she stood up and stripped off her top exposing her beautiful small pert titties, not letting me touch her until she was totally naked, she sat back down on her bale seat and I knelt between her wide open legs, she simply guided me up to her very wet pussy and rubbing up and down the swollen lips found the hole and pulled me in just a little so the head of my cock had ‘popped’ inside her.

The rest was pure nature, I had a massive erection and I was inside a woman…. For the very first time!!!!! And I didn’t want it stop so I held my spunk back by stopping every now and then to let the urge subside. She realised this and pulled away from me for a moment, looking at my wet cock, licking the tip and commenting on its size, she fondled my balls and then I entered her again, I was loving this so much.

Right at the top of a deep thrust we heard a door open to the unit and her boss calling for her, she didn’t respond and made me keep totally still as the boss looked around for her, my cock deep inside her I was able to just rock a little teasing the glans on the head of my cock and bringing her close to orgasm, the visitor left and I soon resumed my pumping action. Toni came I would say violently and stopped me from pumping but leaving me buried deep in her cunt, once she settle she asked if I wanted to cum and I said I was ready, she pulled away and using her hand she started work on me, needing just a few strokes until I splashed a huge pile of my spunk firstly onto her face then her tits and then her belly.

We collapsed in the hay bed, the start of my sex life had begun, a little later than most having some close calls on the way but never getting in the second base. We resumed our fucking after a while but with no condoms and no pill, and realising I could oh so easily have unloaded gallons of spunk inside her we calmed down and got careful.

Anyway after meeting her after so long and 2 cups of coffee and some naughty sexy chat she asked me if I was hard?, by god I was, all that sexy recollection, sitting next to me she reached under the table to feel… oh you seem even bigger, I laughed and said it grew with age, getting up she said well if you are free I am off home, there is nopbody there will you join me? Her children had left the nest and hubby was in Dubai so how could I refuse.

Needless to say, half an hour later laying in her bed I had filled her cunt for the first time and laying together chatting I confessed to her that I was a total sex virgin when we had my birthday present, she smiled and laughed saying that she thought I was far from a novice and that she was also totally new to penetrative sex, hoping I would be the one to teach her… so, laughing we fucked again she pleaded with me to spunk deep inside her and then leave my cock in her, funnily enough it stayed hard as I was slightly moving and wanking it inside her and althogh we fucked again and again that afternoon the spunk dried up.

We have agreed to meet again…..