Written by dobin

20 May 2009

I thought I would tell you about a holiday I took with the family a few years ago in the east of France, a camping holiday with a mobile home quite near the sea but we were aware of a beach a short drive away that was .. more liberal so we trooped off there every day.

Most of the beach females were topless and there was lots of nudity with the beach filling up around 4pm with locals to enjoy what seemed to happen every day, the waves got huge and fun to be in. We settled into a spot on the beach, the kids enjoyed the water and the wife went topless, I went naked. A mother and daughter were next to us with mum naked and very fit and daughter went topless, she was stunning. It seemed that we always had the same spot and so did they and my eyes were often staring at the daughters body and on occasions I had to get in the water to hide a hard on from my thoughts, on one occasion she also came to the water and was near me as the waves crashed over us pushing us on one occasion together. She said in perfect English, do you like what you look at? Well I was a bit shocked and said of course, she smiled and went out and resumed her sunbathing but now as I returned she deliberately removed her bikini to reveal a shaven sweet crack, and opened her legs wide enough for just me to see.

I was hard in seconds and now she was staring at my cock and smiled in admiration. She got up from the beach and walked back into the dunes, she turned to me and beckoned me to follow, I made the excuse to the wife I needed a pee and went along, she had found a well hidden spot and laid a towel out and asked me to lay down where she instantly grabbed my cock and I kissed her hard and felt her little titties, she asked me to fuck her and I was in no mood to deny her, I rose above her and she guided me into a soaking wet cunt. There were other couple fucking in the dunes and the noises we heard were from a very young couple a few feet away, they stopped and watched us but we were unstoppable and it wasn't long before I reached a climax and I filled her cunt with thick white sticky goo.

I rolled off and she licked me clean saying that she didn't want my wife to see what I had just done and then we went back to the beach. That night I was amazed to find that she and her mother were in fact on our site too and we arranged to meet in the communal shower area which had individual cubicles later that night. We fucked in the cubicle every morning and evening and at the beach if the chance arose for the first week but then she found a boyfriend her own age and she wasn't seen any more, however, her mother still joined us on the beach daily and we got to speak now and again until one day, again in the sea with big waves she joined in and she was soon holding onto me to beat the powerful waves, her tits had such erect nipples from the cold water and at one time she fell and picking her up I cupped her breast full on, and let my hand linger as long as possible, she never complained but looked embarrassed.

The day after in the water again I was able to put my arm around her (to stop her falling. Ha ha) and again grabbed a tit, this time she responded by grabbing my cock and holding onto it until I had risen to my full height. Nothing more happened but in the evening she walked past our van and stopped to ask me if I could help, her shower had come off and she couldn't reach the top to refit it, so with my wife's approval off I went 3 doors away and in seconds we were on the bed shagging away, the daughter wasn't around now so the fucking was intense, I had every way I could and in the short space of time we had she coaxed 2 cumloads from my never drooping cock, filling her mouth once and then her beautifully shaved cunt once. The morning showers were now with mother and they continued till the last day when a surprise happened in the shower, I went in with Mum and then there was a knock on the door and daughter was there, she came in and we had a great shower, they had both told each other of the sex and decided to make my final day unforgettable which it was, I fucked them both and was left with a smile a mile wide, but we got some funny looks as we left the cubicle!! Vive le France.