Written by Ant

14 Oct 2018

This is a true story which happened to me in the early 90's, I was 19 with huge passion for motorcycles most weekends I was out on the bike riding endlessly this usually included a visit to some of the local motorcycle shops especially a fairly new one which had opened near the cinema close to me in york.

There was a girl who worked in the shop who was late 20s slim good looking and a huge flirt, she always was a laugh full of innuendo and I always got the impression she quite fancied me, she was always saying one day she wanted to come out for a ride on her bike with me but this never happened until one day in summer when I was on holiday and called in to order some boots.

She wasn't in that day it was her day off so as I was there chatting to who I know now as her husband she turned up on her bike and grinning wildly as she came inside, after the initial pleasantries she said are you up for a ride out then? Er yeah I replied feeling a little sheepish, until her husband said yeah why don't you go for a ride out May as well make most of this sunny weather.

They kissed each other goodbye andwe went outside, where too I asked ? Head out towards the coast see where we end up she smiled back.

After around 40mins following her round country roads and looking at her nice arse in her leather trousers she indicated off into a small parking area next to a wood, after parking up and good chat about the ride it was hot so I took my jacket off as did she, wow I thought as she took hers off she was only wearing a little vest top with no bra on her erect nipples clearly visible through the thin material, I kept stealing a quick glance as we chatted I couldn't help it, I bent down to have look at my rear tyre still talking I stood up turned round to be greeted by her stood there hands on hips with no top on.

I stood there quite shocked, then she said what are you waiting for you gonna fuck me or what?? What cracking pert tits and big erect nipples she had we kissed intensely then moved to her big nipples she clearly enjoyed having them sucked. I then started loosening her leather trousers easing them past her nice arse making in easier for me to get to her very wet well trimmed fanny.

She moaned really loudly as I pushed one then two fingers deep inside her,after a few minutes I turned her around bent her over the bike seat pulled my aching cock out and slowly pushed it all the way in her tight pussy. She gave a really loud groan of ohhhhh yess I started to fuck her hard holding onto her hips, oh that's so deep oh yeah fuck me harder she kept saying over and over.

After about 10 minutes I felt myself about to cum not wanting it to end so soon and conscious that we was in a car park secluded or not I didn't fancy being caught fucking someone else's wife so I suggested we went through the gap in the hedge to the wheat field, laying her down on our jackets and pulled off her trousers opening her legs to reveal her well trimmed tight fanny, licking her clit made her moan so loudly especially when she came it didn't matter no one could hear us,

As I laid down she climbed on top lowering herself onto my cock I was able to suck on her big erect nipples again she then rode my cock by squatting and riding it she came loudly again not long after I came so intensely emptying my spunk deep inside her.

Laying next to each other in the sun afterwards talking I said will your husband not be suspicious? No she replied he won't suspect a thing don't worry

The one thing about being 19was that I could get hard again fairly quickly ,with her slowly wanking my cock and teasing me I soon had a hard on again easily slipping into her spunk filled fanny I started fucking hard again as she laid on her back finally getting her on all fours and fucking her doggy style she clearly loved this judging by the noises she was making I never thought I'd even get to kiss her let alone fucking her her in a field from behind with my thumb halfway in her bum,

Did As I pounded her I knew I couldn't hold on and shot my second load of spunk inside her,we both collapsed in a heap that was amazing she said not had such a good fuck in ages.

Your married you must have it whenever you want I said laughingly, I’m lucky if I get it once a fortnight she sighed, fucking hell I’d be shagging you night and day if I was your husband l said. She just laughed as we started to get our clothes together and jumped back on the bikes and headed back to the shop in york,having got our stories right we went inside, did you have a good time? her husband asked, yeah it was brilliant she replied,

Was kind of funny her talking to him all innocent while still having two loads of my spunk still inside her I did kind of enjoy that as he was a bit of a dick. gotta love an older woman.

About a week or so later I called in one evening hoping I might see her again, luckily she was in and her husband Was off she seemed very pleased to see me again.

Thought I scared you off or something she said no not a chance I replied was hoping for another ride out.

At that point the other lad came downstairs with his coat and bag we exchanged some banter and off he went home, you by yourself now I asked yes she replied we're closing time for home, shame I said.

She locked up went upstairs and came down with her helmet and leathers and went over to the changing rooms but instead of going in she stood outside and started taking her jeans off seeing her bent over in her little knickers got my cock hard straight away, see saw me looking and smiled I went over and started kissing her passionately my hand straight onto her lovely arse then moved swiftly to her already sopping wet trimmed fanny groaning loudly she was already rubbing my rock hard cock through my jeans, she pulled at my buttons and dropped them to the floor along with my boxers slid herself down and started expertly sucking my cock.

It was my turn to moan now as she sucked me for ages, close to cumming I pulled her up kissed her put my hand behind her and unclipped her bra and just had to have a good suck on them big hard nipples again, I then turned her round and got her on all fours pushed her knickers to one side and slid my cock into her lovely tight cunt and pounded her she tried to be quiet as she came but it was still quite loud, I lasted a couple more minutes before I emptied my spunk inside her again .

We got up and dressed, wow she said that was amazing I love that cock of yours it’s my day off tomorrow fancy spending it in bed with me?

I’d love too i said already thinking about the sickie I was going to pull. She gave me her address and said anytime after 10 and don’t park outside park your bike round the corner she giggled.

We kissed goodbye in the shop then left I watched her ride off home to her husband smiling to myself.

The next day was the start of a year of fucking her regular got more if anyone interested

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