Written by unknown

24 Oct 2010

just had the joy of the most amazing night i've ever had, my wife of 15 yrs has just fucked the living daylights out of me and a stranger we met 7 days ago. for years i've badgered on about my fanatasy of her being shared, just into our second week of our holidays it happened, too make it quick we met this guy we are in our early 4o's been married 15yrs just as we are on our anniversary holiday the kids left behind with our relatives, it all started with an american guy buying us a drink, by the way we are in vagas having a ball this guy is in his late 50's the tipical yank, loud, brash and in your face we saw him a few nights earlier yelling and winning at the tables but thought nothing of it, until one evening he sat beside my wife and offered to but her a drink after she saying i'm with my hubby he offered me a dring as well we lost of course he seemed to keep winning and buying more drinks for all we ventured finally into the V.I.P lounge he invited us into after a rack of drink i noticed he was being flertatiuos with viv my wife and she was being the same back anyway the night ended with him inviting us back to his suite about an hour later, fuck me it was like a palace champaigne on ice etc after a while i went to the bathroom ( toilet ) as we call it when i came back i could see him rubbing viv's leg and whispering to her i made a noise and came back into the room she looked sheepish and him being braisent as ever said lets all get another drink, as the night went on me emptying my drinks in anything i could find and viv getting arseholed, i kept dissapering to the toilet everytime i looked back he was rubbing her leg , thight and arse, viv i have to say was dressed to kill, in a slinky black knee lenght dress and her tanned legs, she has a great set of pins i have to say and breasts to die for the dress showed most of her cleaveage i have to say.

anyway after the third or forth time i excused myself viv was none of the wiser she was well away anyway coming back i say him kissing her and her responding while feeling her tit, i walked in he looked at me viv was well away i need the loo she said. straight up i said bill if you want to fuck viv just say well as straight up as he was he said wouldn't mind if i do so i said ok give me a min looked into the loo and viv was there pissed trying to sit up straight to piss i came out go in bill and fuck her now i had the most amazing hard on by this time he walked in and started kissing her viv did not try to stop him he started to finger her wet hairless pussy and she just sat there letting him i was at the door watching he lifted one tit out then the other from her dress and started to suck on her nipples then before i knew it pulled out his cock fuck me it was about 10" long and thick he was circumsised and stood there pointing it at her lips before long she was sucking him off he was fingering her i was wanking myself watching he lifted her up and she lifted her leg out of her thong he fucked her there and then hard and fast sucking her nipples as they fucked i think i cum first followed by viv then bill after that we went to the bedroom he fucked her twice again i watched in amazement wanking each time i've never been as horny before. since then everytime we fuck i think of him fucking her sensless. it was great