Written by unknown

5 Nov 2008

Saturday evening arrived and I had had a phone call. 'You are a professional photographer can you do a portfolio for me ?'

I arranged to go and see her, her name was Beckie and she was 19 years old, size 10 figure, and 5'8" tall. Beckie told me that she has just started uni and was finding it very hard with money and her friend said try modelling. The pitfall was that the agencies all wanted a couple of hundred pounds which was money she couldn't afford and that was where I came in.

I set everything up and off we started with the arrangement that she got her photos and I got the originals and the model release form , that seemed to suit everyone. She started with the basics, evening dress formal wear, casual wear. She didn't mind changing infront of me in fact I think she did it on purpose just to se the reaction. Well it was pretty obvious I was enjoying myself !!

She then got down to the swim wear and underwear. The smallest bikini you would ever see 3 triangles and all string her nipples stood out and I said 'Cold then' Beckie smiled 'No turned on by this'

I said to her 'How far do you want to go' leaving the question open. She smiled and said 'All the way anything goes now'

With that she removed her clothese and lay back on the settee and spread her legs wide and started to play with herself. This was all planned as she leant behind the chair and got out an assortment of toys. She inserted the purple vibrator into her shaven pussy and pulled it out slowly, it was gleaming with her juices and she concentrated on her clit really starting to heave and thrust, her breath got quicker and she shuddered to an enormous climax and spurting everywhere a great stream of cum. 'That's better now we can get started I've warmed up now' She crawled across to me opened my flies and took my raging erection and opened her lips and sucked hard and deep. I was nearly all in and she started to gag 'God that's big stick it in me' Not wishing to upset her I obliged. She lay back on the settee and spread her self wide holding her legs close to her ears she squirmed and I went all the way in to the hilt and started to ride her for all I was worth. I pulled out to the tip and then plunged back in she started to scream out encouraging me to go harder. I kept up this for and 7 or 8 minutes when suddenly she pulled me out of her pussy and put the tip of mt soaking wet cock at the entrance to her ass. 'Go on don't let me change my mind this is a first but you must be gentle' I slowly slid into her ass and she started to play with her pussy rubbing little circles and then harder and harder plunging her fingers so deep I could feel them pushing against my cock.I then started to speed up she was really wet by now in both holes and I felt the pressure start to build and I knew what was going to happen and she must have felt the same and said 'Don't you dare pull out of my ass I told you this is a first.' I came hard and fast and it felt like gallons. I slowly pulled out of her and she said 'Photos' and I took some very intimate photos of her used ass as a momento.

I've just started to print the photos and they still work. I'm looking forward to taking them round for her to see you never know?????