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Messy photoshoot

"fun with couple"
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It was a very sunny but chilly day when I arranged to meet John and Lucy for their photo shoot We had arranged to meet outside the local cafe and at the arranged time the walked hand in hand towards me and introduced themselves They looked as they did in their profile pictures she 54 , 5 ft 8 and sixe 16 not too much make up but what she had was subtle with mousy long hair he 59, 6ft and looked fit with short grey hair. She was wearing a cream coat, flowery dress with stockings and heels and he was in a jacket blue shirt and black trousers carrying a sports bag I ordered the drinks and we chatted about the days events while we was waiting . We had chatted online and on the phone leading up to this so there were no misunderstandings I got my camera out and started to film them just head and shoulders together to start with then her on her own making different poses and then ones with her tongue out etc . Then I took some of them kissing and noticed the waiter was looking over. She said dont worry they know us here this is were we meet our play friends. He then moved the table and he pushed up her dress and put hos hand on her thigh while she squeezed his groin Do you want to move on? she asked I said okay We then went to pub and he got the drinks while Lucy went to the toilet and I grabbed some seats It was very old fashioned pub and very quiet so easy to get a seat He came back with the drinks and said we should sit in the corner (no cctv there) so we were on our way over when Lucy came out of loo, she had changed into a little black dress no stockings ( found out no undies either) and black shoes with a heel. Now I knew what the sports bag was for. The people that were in the pub seemed to know her and were chatting to her as she made her way to the table as she got nearer I could see her nipples through her dress I complimented on the way she looked and she smiled but as I went to move so she could get in she said stay there and she squeezed passed and I smelt her perfume which was very erotic She stroked her she kissed her the stroked it on my lips and sat between me and john with her leg touching mine I could feel an erection coming on John said they have seen her with other guys so if you want to touch go ahead but nothing to sexual so I put my lips to mine and was deep kissing her I could taste her G&T She ask if I would film here there so I stood up to take pictures and with that she took out her left breast from her dress looking to make sure no-one else saw She then released the other breast and was playing with them , then the door opened and she put them away double quick I sat down again and her hand went straight on my cock stroking me through my trousers Yyu want to see my pussy? she said so I said yes and she hoisted her dress up revealed a beautiful shaven mound I was snapping some pics and her hubby opened her lips to reveal her clit I think its time we went home and start your photo shoot and have some real fun lucy siad so we left the pub and took the short walk to their house As soon as thr front door was closed she had me against the wall snogging my face feeling her tounge exploring my mouth our bodies squashed together. After what seemed ages she released me and walked to her living room when john was waiting He was down to his underpants and I could see he was well endowed She kicked off her shoes and undid her dress let it slip to floor and kicked it itno a chair They knew I was a nudist beforehand so she said what are you waiting for get naked which I did while john removed his pants I was semi erect and saw a smile form both their faces while john was semi hard while I was watching her with her perfect tits and shaven pussy Lucy said do you want to continue filming first or you want to fuck me first? There was only one answer so she came over to me and put her lips around my cock After she got me hard it was my turn to explore her body licking the sucking her nippples and kissing her body all the way down to her clit which when I licked tasted delicious I then entered my tongue into her and could taste all her juices I could fell her body twitch as I licked and touched her and she shouted out fuck me fuck me now so I withdraw from her and she sat on my lap facing me my cock slipping in her cunt and she started to ride me. while I was watching her tits bouncing up and down and hearing the contact between each thrust . I could feel it was time for me to nearly cum so I told her to stop and she got up and I got her to bend over the arm of the settee She was soaking when I took her from behind and felt her arse on my stomach as I fucked her I could see John stroking but not wanking as he said he wanted me to film them and he cumming on her I know it was time for me to cum and came into her pussy feeling so relieved and hot We then sat and chatted for a while then we started on the photo session Firstly I filmed my cum inside her then she needed the loo so we filmed some bathroom fun including shots in the shower We then sorted out some sexy undies and uniforms for her to wear. I find its so sexy to touch women's clothes especially when you are naked She wasn't a nudist but didn't like wearing clothes so she was relieved when that part of the session was over and she was naked again I took some pictures of her alone naked then John joined in and took some straight nude pictures together but then they started to get into each other and I filmed them from kissing to licking and sucking each other. They then got on the bed and were having some serious oral and wanking sessions her then took her in the missionary position. He then put his cock between her tits to fuck them and he came all ovet them and wiped he's cock on her cheeks When I first met her her hair was immaculate but when she had finished look like she had been in a storm force gale with bits of spunk in it She beckoned me over to bring the duvet over and we lay under it each side of her gently touching and stroking each other. We must of lay there for over an hour or so. It was so nice having there smell on me as even though im straight don't have a problem with others guys fluids and being accidentally touched They then suggested I stay for a meal and to view the pics so we went downstairs and helped John carry the table onto a decking area area just outside the back door. It was so warm with the afternoon sunshine I wanted to have sex again Once they had sat down for dinner I was going to take some more pics but she said put the camera down lets enjoy the meal and have fun They sat next to each other her opposite me while we was eating and I felt her feet on mine gently rubbing then I felt her foot on the inside of my leg eventuality working her way up till she was rubbing my cock. She was only eating with one hand the other under the table and John was looking pleased I really feel like some messy fun she said and asked if I was up for it so she asked if I would like a coco cola and when I said yes she throw her glass all over me. I was shocked at first but it soon clicked what she meant John said that wasn't very nice and poured his drink over her head and the only thing I had to hand was some salad cream on the table which I threw at her . I aimed for her tits but got her face. Wait there one sec and ill be back . She sttod up drink dripping from her hair nad the cream running down her face .She went into the kitchen and came back with a tray containing various bottles some drink cans and some cakes John said lets go in kitchen suns going down but we need to move some thing first need to move this table out of the way and as we both stood up both had semi hard ons. We moved the breakables and made some room . Have some cake she said and rubbed one into my face. I removed some and rubbed it on her tit while john was pouring something over her shoulders and down her back After a while the floor was getting really slippery so Lucy suggested we lie down on it but as john and her did I grabbed a coke tin and sprayed them all over with it. Then I joined them sliding up and down on the floor John then said Hold her down while I get something so I was trying to hold this body slipping with all sorts of food on it which was quite impossible . Luckily John was quick and he was carrying a tub of ice cream. She didn't seem to notice he had gone until he put the ice cream on the soles of her feet. You fucking bastard she said but it soon melted as we were so hot She grabbed some and put it on both of our balls and the rest we put into her pussy . The coldest for me was a bit of a schock to have something that cold on your balls but was soon warm again as Lucy licked it off, and me and John took it in turns to lick it out of her pussy . It certainly has a different taste. I need a pee she said but couldn't keep her feet on the slippery floor so she just peed where she was and I put my hand out to taste . Wish I knew you was into that you should of said. Me and John then pissed on her all over her body. I then needed to fuck her again so I wanked till I was hard and slid along the side of her and after playing with her fanny entered her . It was a strange feeling her pussy felled with bits of food especially the cake stuff and the smell was weird cum food drink pee all mixed together. After we had fuck John fuck her and it was time to go . She asked if I wanted to have a shower but I sadi no wanted there smell on me . She wiped her feet and went to living room to get my clothes but instead of giving them to me she throw them on the messy floor and used them as a mop to soak some of it up. I put them on and felt so sexy driving home but got some strange looks walking back to my car.. must arrange to meet them again great day to spend 8 hours

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