Written by unknown

23 Apr 2009

i was in London a week ago, i called to se an aunt of mine i'd never saw for about 25yrs i'm a married 40yr old so i was down there working for a week i rang auntie suzie and she invited me around ( she's not my aunt really but i was brought up calling her that she was my mums best friend ) anyway i found her address and called around to see her it was 7.30 pm it was a nice night as she opened the door wow what a shock i got i didn't recal her looking the way she did she was about 5ft7" a bit on the plump side but very smart & a looker, she wrapped her arms around me kissing me and inviting me in her hubby was there watching the tv he said hello but was to busy watching the tv to really notice me, she said lets catch up and invited me into the conservitory shutting the door agin kissing me and saying what a handsome man i've grown up to be lol.

after a tea or two she said i just have to see to bob ( her hubby ) as he was about to leave for work i said i will go so you can see to him she said no you sit there we have a lot of catching up to do, about 5 mins later bob said bye to me and shook my hand and off to work he went i'd never met him before he was a big guy about 6ft4" and very grumpy so i thought anyway she came back in and said what do you want to drink i said another tea she said something stronger i had in mind so a beer i said only have shorts so it was two vodka & coke's she started to get closer to me as we looked at the photo's and we chatted about things in the past but she kept saying what a handsome man i was and rubbing my leg she went to refill the drinks and her top was unbuttoned and stright away i thought she wants to fuck me well never say never i thought mums best friend or not she was hot for 64yrs old i followed her into the kitchen and said let me help you my hand touching her hip she turned around and i kissed her not knowing wether she'd slap me or what she responded i started to kiss her neck and rub her tits she just stood there holding my arse my hard bulging cock perssing against her, i said would bob call back she said no he wont be home until 7am as she said that my hand went up her skirt feeling a moist hairy cunt as i started to finger her she gasped opening her legs wider i led her to the conservitory lay her on the sofa lifted her skirt pulled down her knickers to see a big hairy bush as i nesstled my nose and tongue between her moist fanny lips she sighed i licked her like never before she held my head not letting me up for air even if i neede it she came once then again i was fondling her tits while licking her i stood up opened her top and loosened her bra her tits fell out quite pert for her age i started to undo my trousers as they dropped to the floor she pulled my boxers down and started to suck my hard cock she sucked it like a 20yr old she had done this many times before, i was starting to cum so pulled away she said follow me we went to the bedroom i lay there and she mounted me her hairy wet twat lowering down onto my hard cock she whimpered as i entered her her tits were in my face we were sucking and fucking just then i exploded into her she screamed and bucked me faster until she came she was splattering her juices every where we fucked again twice that night i left about 4am totally fucked and happy so i hope i have many more 64yr old aunties that want to meet up