Written by Unknown

10 Aug 2009

well,my life has changed a bit over the years.ive done alot and ventured where making love is concerned too.at 43 thats probably no surprise...lol.i fancied this bloke for ages but he was with someone...i pondered one day when out in our local,where was his girlfriend.he looked at me and i lookedat him,you could feel the electric before he even spoke.he asked if i wanted a drink and we started chatting,small talk at first,then i asked where his other half was,she not coming out he said...yes the usual im bored with her...lol.anyway the drink started going down a little quicker,and our bodies moved closer too.we were in our local after all and everyone new us both.it didnt seem to matter it was a bank holiday weekend and everyone was happy.i was feeling so horny,i had on a pair of loose jeans and a tight top which when i was sitting on the stool at the bar you could see my thongs.he looked at me often.we decided a trip down the town was in order,we entered a very full bar,crammed in like sardines we werehe was leaning with his back against the bar and he pulled my body in close to his,we were of similar hieght so our curves matched.he let my body fall on to his and i could feel this hardness.mmmmmm my pussy writhed against him as his cock pushed on to me through my jeans.god i wanted him so much.he kissed my mouth and our tongues started to touch.because my jeans were lose and underware wasnt in my vocabluary then his fingers started to venture down my waist band and touching my shaven wet pussy,his fingers slipped easily between my lips.the crowded pub seemed to heighten the excitement.i couldnt controlmyself as he fingers drew nearer to my pussy .i started to moved my body until his fingers pused into my wetness.the kissing became more intense as i came on his hand,my body shuddering gently as i did.we had to leave ,we had to ind my place so we could continue where we started....