Written by hello99

17 Dec 2008

I was about 15 and me and my best friend when on away for a weekend with his parents. We had a tent and they had a caravan.

The first night we all when to bed, once there my friend asked me about wanking and both said how much we did it and liked it. With this I could see that he was wanking in his sleeping bag, which may me go hard at once. So I started to have a play with myself also. With this he undid his sleeping bag so I could see his cock, he asked me to do the same so I did.

With this he put his hand on my cock and asked if we could swap and wank each of which agreed at once but now I was feeling very horny.

We when very quiet and wanked each other for what felt like a few minutes. Then my friend leaned over and start to suck my cock well I almost cumm in his mouth at once but held onto it. I then asked if he wanted me to do the same to him which agreed to at once so we ended up in a 69 with both of us sucking.

After a few minutes I felt his hot cum in my mouth and drink it all down and then I shout my cum in his mouth and we both rolled over and when to sleep.

We had a few more times when this happened if you want the details just left me know. He was my first and only male that I've done this with but I think I would like to try it again but now I'd love a woman there also so we could all taste each other