Written by Unknown

10 Aug 2009

My evening started with a taxi drive to billys house,i always got excited thinking about just what he was going to want to do to me tonight,im never disappointed,he always makes me gush and squirt....i arrived with camera in hand and a bag with my stilletoes,stockings...he kissed me whilst his hand forced its way up my dress and his hand into my knickers...mmmmmmmhe was forcefull and demanded i went ito the bedroom.i loved it when he directed me what to do.i knew it would be bothexciting and very horny ,so i followed.H e told me to get to my knees as i was on the bed he stood above me,not letting me touch his cock,just making me open my wet mouth so he could force his hard throbbing cock deep in to my mouth,"im going to watch you gag ,bitch ",he said...i moaned in pleasure as he forced himself in to me deeper.Holding my hair in his hand he moved my head so as to fuck my mouth as hard as he could.His hand reached down my back and he told me to keep his cock where it was in my mouth.H e lifted the back of my dress up past my bottom and pulled my panties down.Grabbing my arse he started to slap me hard ,i could feel the skin getting hotter and tingleing with pleasure and pain.He reached right down to my arse now with both hans and opened the cheeks of my arse wide as he could get them,pulling me as he did till my knees started to lift off the bed,opening my pussy and arse as far as he could.The stirring inside my pussy was getting more and more pulsating with the anticipation of his hot throbbing cock being buried within me....

He told me to remoce my dress,underneath a red basque awaited his pleasure,mmmmm he said as he told me o get onto all fours,"im going to fuck you,you whore,"he said.And i knew from past experiance that he meant every single word...my breathing became heavier as he enterd my pussy,he took my breath away with each stroke,touching every inch of my pussy with his hard pulsating wet cock."What do you want bitch he asked"?"You,"isaid....i did i wanted him to fuck me so hard it hurt,i wanted to feel the electricity flowing through our bodies as his body thrust against mine......He had the babay oil in his hand and pours the cold wet fluid over my arse hole,mmmmmmmmmmmm i was going to gush,i was going to feel the ultimate pleasure that i so wanted.......(to be continued)