Written by unknown

1 Oct 2010

I have been reading story's from this site for about a year now, i'm a separated woman I am 51 yrs old and a size 14, blonde hair ( dyed ) lol. I am 5ft 7" tall and have a very good job. I'm also a mother of two my daughter lives in her own place and my son whom is27 lives at home still.

Anyway the story's over the months have left me frustrated and skint after the amount of batteries i'm using for my flexible friend lol.

I have had fantasies about most of the stories happening to me ( I wish ) so you can imagine the use of my buzzing friend over the months.

Anyway the other night my son went out as he usually does on a Friday night clubbing etc etc. then early on on the Saturday morning I heard the dorr slam so I looked out of the window and my son was getting picked up so I quickly rang him and he said he had forgot to say he was working that morning so would see me about dinner time.

Well as you single women would know mornings are the worst for feeling horny, so out come my friend. I walked to the bathroom where I keep him hidden and the lube and I took off my dressing gown lay back on my bed naked with my friend buzzing away doing what he normally does, I lay there knees apart legs wide open flicking him around my clit as I rubbed away at my tits fantasising it was someone going down on me, moaning in a world of my own oblivious to the world, as I cum with the vibe deep inside me while gently rubbing my clit I let out a scream as never before have I squirted like this I was lying there breathless, naked, legs splayed apart and soaking wet in my own cum, after a minute or so I came around and got up to go for a towel to dry myself off as I walked into the passage way one foot up on the wicker basket, cum had squirted everywhere it was running down my legs so as I was about to wipe it up I noticed someone there as I looked over it was one of my sons friends he did not tell me his mate had come back and stayed the night. He was standing there with his boxers on and nothing else. sorry Mrs * I was just going to the toilet. I was so embarrassed there I was naked, tits out leg up on the basket all for show not to say my hairy fanny covered in my own cum.

As he rushed into the toilet he had a full blown hard on as I could see it through his boxers, I put on my dressing gown and headed down stairs he followed soon after I could tell by the look on his face he heard everything. Would you like a cuppa no thanks so I said straight out I suppose you heard everything and your off to tell all your mates. Yes I did but I promise I won't say a thing , please don't tell my son I did not know anyone was here I promise I won't he said,he left soon afterwards I have frigged myself many times thinking if only he had come in to the bedroom and fucked me, he comes to the house a few times a month but has never stayed again. I often think if he did what might happen.