Written by jan

7 Mar 2012

Hi can't believe what happend at the weekend but god love do it again :) our next door nieghbours lou and greg are in thee early 20's greg a roofer lou ari stewardess , me and often go out and get tipsy and the sbject ends up being sex ,the last time being 2 weeks ago and ended with lou telling me how greg will go out for drink with his mates then come back around 1am climbs into bed and the fucks her long and hard roll over and go to sleep won't rememer a thing about it ,and she swore blind it could be another woman and he wouldn't even know or remember , I said without thinking mmm like to be the other woman b4 I tcould say another word lou turned to me and said go on then go for it , I started laughing thinking it was big joke , no I'm really serious go for it I'm awaythis sat you come round just 4 I go show you where everything is , next couple of days I kept telling myself lou was tipsy all be 4 got but I god I would have loved it to happed ever since they moved in a couple of years ago I have fancyed greg i early 2o's tanned I wish, come sat night I watched greg go out for his drinking session and b4 he had got out of sight lou rang ask me to come round once inside lou ask me if I was still up for getting fucked by greg , bs I could even reply she said follow me and led me to the bedroom , right lou said greg be home around 1 so make sure your naked and inbed.befor he gets home , but I can't and anyway he would know soon as he got in bed I'm 43 with 36dd tits your 20 something with 34 tits I said all in a panic,trust me all he wants is a bloody good shag once he's had a drink your be fine just make sure your in bed lights out and enjoy and with that left , by now I was scared excited turned on ,I turned light of sat down and watched some telly trying not to think about what I was about to do in couple hours time next thing I know I'm waking up to a sound of a car it was 115am greg was pulling up and home , I. Ran up stairs found my way into there bedroom with no lights on took my clothes of and got in bed laying on my side with back to the door, as I heard greg down stairs shutting font door my heart began to race I could feel mysef getting turneed on , the the landing light came on and could greg coming up stairs , by now my heart felt like it was going to burst through my chest as he got to the bedroom. Door the landing light went out greg then shut the bedroom door , in the dark I could hear greag taking his clothes of god there was no going back now I'm laying in his bed nude heart pounding my large nipples were so hard they were aching and I could feel my pussy tingling as it started to get very juicey , then my heart felt like it had stopped as greg climbed into bed and ley on his side right behind me then wriggled closer, then wriggled till his huge cock was pushed up against my bum cheeks god his cock felt soo good, he then put his armaround me and his haNd rested on belly , he then started to stroke my belly ,I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck as he slowly stroked by belly his hand moved a little bit higher and a little bit lower eacxh time , he was also moviving his hips so his large cock was now right between myy bum cheeks ,then I felit. His hand slide soo near my bare pussy I tried but could stop myself letting out a small groan and could feel my juices start to seep out as his hand slid up and bnrushed the Bottom of my tits I could feel myself tensing as his hand neared my pussy mmmmmmm. I came as his hand slowly slid right over my pussy,that felt soooo good greg then pulled me over onto my back I laid ther wanting greg so muchcould feel myself trembling as I felt his hand on my belly again sliding up over my trembling body till he reached my nipple and started to caress and pinch it I let out a loud groan as I came befor I knew what was happening greg was kissing me and his tongue was in my mouth playing with mine I put my arms roun his neck kissed him back mmmmm had noticed his hand was now moving down my belly slowly he run his hand over my pussy I pushed up onto his hand then I exploded with a nassive orgasm as he pushed first one then two and then three fingers deep into my drenched pussy making me come yet again I pulled away from our kissing and without thinking said fuck me want you in me fuck me god I paniced he will know its not lou , but he just moved in between my legs and pushed his cock into me and started to fuck me hard and fast god sooo kept coming groaning juices where pouring out never came like this ever I was groaning out loud long deep groans greg was now fucking me for all he was worth he let out a groan him self and the cum deep inside my pussy felt like he was never going to stop mmmmm that was the best fuck I had ever had greg rolled over and lay on his back next to me ,I laid there till he had fallen asleep then sneaked home god just want lou to go away again mmmmmmmm