Written by dobin

17 Jun 2011

A few years ago I was going through a bad patch with the wife, we hadnt had sex for months and months, she was off it which made me more wanting it, at the time I used to do a share with a neighbour, taking it in turns to take our children to and from school and for a long time we had been friends too, card evening BBQ’s evenings together etc, and had never really glanced at her even though she was well made up lady.

We used to sit on odd afternoons in the garden when sunny chatting over tea and how it came about I don’t know, probably a throw away comment but we found out the neither of us were getting sex in the marital bed. Nothing really happened we just chatted and verbally comforted each other but there was no solution so things carried on.

A few weeks later her husband was sent off to the states for an urgent job and I spent a bit of time with her in the evenings chatting, sometimes with my wife as we used to do, then one day my wife got up and realised she had some vital work to finish before she went in to work in the morning and left us alone. The kids were in bed and we had a couple of drinks, as we drank more she got rather slurry and started to slip down the armchair she was in, the result was her skirt rode up and her knickers were fully on show, she was starting to nod off when her legs dropped slowly open to reveal a damp patch and I could clearly see her cunt through the wet material.

Being slightly pissed myself and thus braver than usual, I crept between her legs for a closer look, I spoke to her and she mummble something back incoherantly I was inches from her cunt now and simply kissed the mound over her knickers, there was no real response so I kissed harder and she groaned, getting even braver I pulled the thin material to one side and again lkissed her mound but now my index finger had slipped inside her, she again groaned so I licked up and down her crack till the clit was fully erect and I worked on that, her hands suddenly held my head against her pushing my face into her sex until seconds later she gave an almighty shudder and came quite hard with aftershocks lasting several minutes helped on by my fingers and tongue.

She looked up at me and totally sober said… I wondered how long you could stand seeing my pussy staring at you, do you like my knickers I bought specially?, with that I pulled her down the armchair further, undid my trousers and dropped them to my knees and entered her cunt with one long stroke as she came more violenly yet again. She swore at me, “come on then fuck my cunt you bastard, you know you want it get it in deeper shoot some goo in me “, well with that encouragement I was soon shooting a pent up load of thick creamy spunk up her and was so exhausted I collapsed against her, we were still dressed fully and she said for me to go and clean up while she changed.

I didn’t need telling and was in the bathroom cleaning all her cum and my spunk off hoping for another session when she walked in on me, wearing just a flimsy see through housecoat which fell to the floor showing me the most perfect pair of tits I have ever seen, pert with slightly upturned nipples firm and just waiting to be mauled, but she had other ideas and was on her knees licking my cock clean moaning as she sucked on me and feeling my balls fill back up she said now she wanted a proper fuck.

We went to the bedroom and I undressed, she knelt on the bed and she told me to fuck her doggy style first, she was so wet it slipped in easy and as it was so wet I rubbed the end of my cock around her arsehole, she said..mmmm but not yet and rolled over for a convention missionary fuck whick lasted what seemed to be ages until once again I shot my load deep in her. Sh esaid that we had better stop there but once again she was licking up the mess we had made that was on and around my cock and once again I was rigid in a couple of minutes, she said it was a waste not to use it and she climbed on top of me and rode me till again I cum, this time it was even bigger than both before, I could feel the hot spunk running down out of her cunt as she carried on pumping on me. Once again she licked me clean but I was unable to get a full hard on again, we kissed for ages and I left with a huge smile on my face and a text from later confirmed how good she thought it was too.

We had that affair on and off for 3 years until we both moved away, I did meet her this year at a garden centre where her company had an exhibition and we met that night to renew the sex which was as good as ever and her tits are still gorgeous.