Written by sweeney

10 Dec 2012

well you might remember the last story, about our little get todether, where one ofthe guy's wife's got shagged blindfolded, well liz said she would like to try that as well, she seen how turned on it made helen. well a few weeks later this is how it went. we, liz and me, were just messing about the house all day, the boy was at his grand parents, we shagged a few times and we spent most of the day naked, but then we were playing darts, she in a minute g string and vest and me in a pair of shorts, having a drink and some nibbles, anyway the phone goes, its helen, she say's can you speak, i say yes liz is here,so she says we have a wee surprise for her but dont want to spoil it, so i've to text or phone chris when i get a chance, but asap. so i tell lizthey want to arrange another noght sometime soon, thats her satisfied about the call. anyway we carry on playing closest to the bull has to tell the other what to do, etc, so i go to the toilet and i text chris, he texts back that helen reminded him adout liz's fantasy about getingfucked by guys she dont know while being blindfolded, ah rite i reply, well to cut out the boring stuff, it turns out that chris's football team have their night out to-night and he recons a few of them will come over to the house for a couple of hours when the pubs shut, so he leaves it to me to set her up. so by now i'm rock solid thinking about what might happen, so of course she's not stupid so she makes for my cock and kneels down in front of me and teases me like fuck to find out what i'm up to, so i tell her that helen text me and told me about what she wanted to do tome at the nextparty, next week, etc etc, then i get to come in her mouth, then its my turn to ear her, fuck she loves having her pussy eaten, anyway its getting on for eleven, and i get a text from chris, he says he'll be here for 12, with two or three of the lads, they'll bring some cans n bottles, n couple of kebabs, so i tell her that its chris and he'sbeen outandhe feels horny and can he bring his mate, she agrees and already i can tell she's horny as hell, i touch hre pussy and its dripping wet at the thought of getting three cocks up it tonight, that was unexpected, anyway i tell her they'll be here about twelve,but chris says she's to wear a blindfold, so of course she quizes me on this so i tell her he remembered what she said about being fucked blindfolded, shes ok. well weve got the room ready and a couple of blue movies out etc, its ten past twelve and i get a text from chri, they'll be here in ten, but not to lrt on to liz about how many, its more than two of them, thats all he tells me. anyway the door goes and i give liz a scarf, i tie it around her so she cant see, plus i dim the lights, i open the door and its chris and two others, they come in and get drinks organised and the two liz doesnt know say hi etc and sit down either side of her, she immediatly fumblesarround fot their cocks, and as she releases them from their trousers she starts to wank them, the guys are hard as hellnow, but then chris pipes up hey what about me, i arranged this afterall, just for your birthday, just as liz starts to talk he's already standing in front of her naked and he pulls her up towards his cock, so by now these two guys are ready to cum, she can feel them so she lets go of chris's cock and sucks both of them dry, then gets to work on chris, by the time he cums the other two are getting wanked again, now the sit her on top of one of them his cock up her pussy, she starts to ride him, then the other guy, i still dontknow their names, is rubbing his cock arround her arse hole, he bends down and licks her then rubs his cock around her hole again then he rams it up her, she lets out a scream, but before its out im behind the couch with my cock in her mouth, she goes totake the scarf of but i stop her and remind her what she said, so i tightened it and she like never before. this goes on for about half an hour then chris asks me for a drink, the other two are keeping liz busy, we go into the kitchen,chris says, by the way theres half a dozen guys in the van, i yold them to sit tight and have a beer for 20 minutes till i arange things, well go get them, he pulls on his trousers and a jacket and goes out to the van, i go in and see if liz wants a drink, she says yes, so i give her a breezer, by the time shes half finnished it chris comes back with not 6 but 8 guys, they come in quietly and of course they see the state of liz and they're all getting hard, she thinks its just the four of us, so i take her to the middle of the floor and lie her down and tell her she has to guess who's cock she has in her mouth, pussy and hands, by this time some of they guys are neked, so some of them kneel down aroung her, theyre hands are everywhere, then the rest join in, then she twigs, that theres more than us their, the four of of us just sit on the couch having a drink n getting hard watching all these hands and cocks everywhere on liz, the ones thatarntup her or in hermouth asn hans are wanking and spunking over her, her face, tits hair everywhere, then most of them get to cum in her pussy, she loves spunk up her, we all get involved again, this goes on for over an hour, every one of us just keeps getting hard ons, then as everyone has spent their loads they get a beer from the kitchen, i give liz a drink, she says she needs to pee, so needs to take blindfold off, i say no, so take her upstaist to the bathroom, she hasa pee and wants to clean up a bit, i stop her and say no way you look fuvking amazing, your covered in spunk, i get the camera and take a few pics, then i rub some of the spunk over her, its everywhere, runing down her legs and tits, as i take herback downstairs shes collected some spunk in her han and reaches round and starts wanking me, we go into the living room and the guys are all standing in a circle, liz's task is to get them all hard with her hands and mouth then she's to lie down while they all cum in her pussy, im to be last, ive to lie down while my cocks up her they all have to fuck her arse and mouth, and come upher or over her, well this goes on for about an hour, there's spunk everywhere, shes absolutely fucked, and well out of breath, anyway the boys all start to clean upa bit and get dressed and head back down to the van, then the first two guys and chris say goodnight, its after four in the morning, we fuck again then we go up to bed, she goes to the bathroom for a shower, mr to, then we fall into bed knackered, but i still get to eat her pussy, still some spunk there,but hey thats to be expected eh, shes still horny and we fall asleep still shagging, happy birthday darling, she said that was the best ever, sex and birthday present.