Written by dobin

24 Aug 2011

This is quite a longish story so I hope you don’t get bored, it all started a few years back when our children were younger and we holidayed with friends and their kids..

Two weeks camping in France was the usual; all the children got on well and usually bought along a friend. As the kids got older then people dropped out of the camping holidays but one family and their 2 daughters and one of their friends remained until the eldest girl was 16. We were always at the beach during the day and had a great time. The sea got rough in the aftgernoon and riding the big waves was just amazing.

On this holiday it was becoming clear that the eldest daughter (I shall cll her T and friend S) had really matured both physycally and had become very grown up but still children as such. T was quite sensual in the way she looked at me especially on the beach and S was a little brazen to say the least but never when Mum & Dad were near. One day I was left alone on the beach with S & T as the others had all wanted to take a tour, I thought nothing of it as I had looked after these girls on many occasions before.

The sunbathing etc was normal, picnic lunch etc and then the waves began, we all stood waiting for the big ones and when the first one came it litterally tore off the top of S and took the bra back towards the beach, she had wonderful tits and just laughed and carried on but now my eyes were transfixed as T decided she should also take of her bikini top, now I was uncomfortable but still the natural instict was to look and they knew it. But now as the waves came they were very close to me and kept falling in front of me and I accidentally had a hand on T’s lovely tits trying to pick her up from a huge wave, she just smiled and stood in front of me again and backed right onto me pushing her bum onto what must have been an obvious erection….

It all stopped in the waves and we went back to the towels where topless the girls applied copious quantities of cream as I watched and hid my hard on, then the devilish S said oh the sun can get through these clothes and promptly pulled her knickers to one side and rubbing cream into her cunt … she was shaved and took her time as I watched now with greater interest, she encouraged T to do the same but she took her bikini of and spread her legs wide in front of me to apply the cream. I have to say at this time I would and could have easily fucked them both but their age and the fact I had been given responsibility of these girls welfare I asked them to get dressed and we went back to the camp site.

Nobody was there and in the caravans the girls stripped naked and showered for me to watch but not touch, they tried to get me naked and there were several touches over the trunks I had on which I rebuked sadly, locking myself in the loo I wanked like fuck.

However this story now ends and resumes 4 years later, all our families have stayed in touch but no more holidays and the 2 girls remained friends and got an excellent education and jobs, they invited me to see the flat they had moved into and I said I would go when I was in the area. I arrived on a Friday afternoon as they too had just finished work and we all sat having a drink, S mentioned the last holiday and asked what I thought of them being so naughty at the time and did I want to do anything to them, well of course I told them that they were really bad and they had taken me to almost the point of no return and that had I the time again I would almost certainly have smacked their naught bums. Oh dear that was a mistake, as S was over to me like a shot and said come on then… turning round she pulled down her short skirt and pants in one go and bent over ready…. Gees, all I could see was the most juicy lookin shaved cunt winking at me and I couldn’t resist, I stood up and smacked her arse really quitye hard, she winced a bit, then I did it again and again and it was obviously hurting a bit so I rubbed where I had spanked, but my hand just slid towards her cunt and she opened up her legs to let me get a full on feel, slipping a finger into her as she moaned, by now T had come by my side and was rubbing the hard cock in my trousers and undoing my belt.

We were all soon snogging and getting naked and my cock was soon in the open and in the mouth of both of them sucking and licking like a huge lolly, T asked if I wanted them to do this on holiday and I said you sods, you know you teased me like mad but I asked them were they ready if I tried to fuck them, they both said that they had made a plan for me to fuck them from before the holiday but I was too strong willed and they were proud that I managed to control it.

They took me to their bed where I was lucky enough to fuck T first, she took my whole length with ease as S played with my balls and sucked T’s nipples. Then it was for S to get fucked she was just manic, she fucked me really I just had to get it in and she did the work till she came really violently and noisy. It was midnight before I was about to leave but they made me stay for more and more and even phone my home to say I had had too much to drink and they wouldn’t let me drive but we did fuck all night, I was able to cum deeply inside both of them and on S’s tits which T eagerly licked off and shared with S.

I still see the girls and still have sex with both each time although one is engaged now she still likes her”uncleP” to fuck her