Written by unknown

24 Mar 2009

This happened at a Barbie we were invited to,, I was playing my guitar, and Lisa starts to get pissed, we go indoors with Ian a guy we meet at the party while everyone else is outside, lying on the couch she invites Ian to come over, and exposes her tits which she then reaches out to pull his head down to suck her ripe engorged nipples, after a short while she needs to go for a pee, and Ian is encouraged to follow her, they come down after 20 mins, and the excitement is written all over my tarts face, as she's just had his cock in her mouth, while he fingered her soaking twat until she nearly came.

We decide it's time to go home as her kids are away for the night the whole house is ours, and Ian is asked to come also, we eventually arrive a few minutes later, and Lisa lie's down on the rug, with her hands rubbing her pert tits, I nod to Ian to so to them which he does with too much encouragement, I lie at her head watching him suck her nipples, she reaches down for his cock and starts to rub him, he then moves his hand to her pussy and unzips her jeans and struggles then to remove them, Lisa takes the initiative and removes them for him, Ian then starts to rub her wet slit, I move to her feet to watch his caresses, just in time to see his fingers slide into her hole, and another loose finger finds her beautiful ass hole where he slides it in to her delight, she gives a load moan and arches her back as his fingers slide all the way in, after a short while Ian moves down and starts to lick her oozing wet pussy and again Lisa continues to moan in delight, and comes with one all massive moan she wriggles in ecstasy forcing him to grip her arse so not to loose grip of her. Her cum is apparent for him to see as its running from her open gash, which he greedily licks up.

Lisa by now has Ian's cock in her hands and is about to start to suck it, I move up and watch her, her eyes sparkle in delight as she sucks his wide cock and takes it all in her mouth, Ian's concentration is broken and lifts himself up to ease himself into her now soaked twat, Lisa says to Ian, "fuck me you bastard, Fuck me", she turns to me smiles reaches for his arse and gently pulls him into her hole.

They fuck for ages, at the same time I've got my cock in my hand and am furiously wanking while watch them, Ian turns her over and bends down and licks the crease of her arse, she again moans, he then slides himself into her, and doggy fucks her, I've then laid down by her head and she takes my cock and starts to suck it like she's never done before. She says "in my mouth in my mouth", and turns round to take my friends cock just before he explodes, she lies on the rug, while wanking Ian and pulls his cock when he shoots his cum inside and all over her lips and blonde hair, I too am at the point of no return and come all over her mouth and hair, she then cups some of the wasted cum from her face and smears it over her trim neat pussy while inserting fingers to bring herself to another orgasm. Lisa coils up and starts to giggle saying fucking hell boys that was good.

It's very late and somehow we all arrive in the bedroom, and sometime later I'm awoke by the sounds of wet slurping and low oohs and aahhs, and a gentle rocking motion, fucking hell my bitch is on top of him and riding his cock again, I keep quiet and quite soon she tires he turns her onto her side now she's facing me and he's fucking her from behind, she's got her eyes closed unaware that I'm watching, with the far side table light on I can make out Ian watching his cock sliding his cock into her used pussy, he then stops and moves a little, its then I realise he's entering her ass, and she's fucking saying nothing!!! Her free hand reaches for his side as she holds him into her, Ian's breathing starts to increase and before too long he makes the tell-tale sound that he's coming and empties his seed into her ass, Lisa turns round immediately and holds him close and whispers "thank you you can come again" they kiss for a while while I secretly wank and later spread it all over her already wet ass

We had a few more sessions like this one at another friend party while four guys discretely watched from outside where Ian fucked her over a bar, while she held the beer pumps so not to fall off, one friend entered the room as she was unaware and sucked his cock thinking it was me, and later fucked her again after Ian had spilled his juice into her pussy, then left without her knowing.

Ian also visited her on her own I only found out as a couple of times I found cum soaked bed sheets and semen in her panties, she told me later she had had him more times than she could remember and another friend he'd brought with him. She's the most beautiful woman in the world but yet she's nothing but a fucking tart for the use of my good friends to fuck whenever she feels like it.

She's had some girly sessions too, but I'll tell you next time.