Written by unknown

24 Mar 2009

We were at a party, and the conversation was getting horny the girls were talking about the size of their pussy lips, another girl looked really interested when Lisa said that her were like angel wings, and that her clitoris was huge when aroused, to cut the story short, Lisa and myself and the other girl Liz & Gaz all ended up in one of the four bathroom that the hosts had, one thing led to another and having taken up 4 bottles of wine, we all ended up naked in the large oval bath.

While in the bath, Liz enquired about Lisa's pussy lips, so Lisa opened her legs and stretched them out, Liz touched them then rubbed her clit Lisa responded by kissing Liz full on the lips, Liz moved her hands to Lisa's breasts, the Gaz slid his hand between Lisa's legs from behind and gently eased his fingers into her full wet pussy, this continued then Lisa slid her hands between Liz's legs and finger fucked her, I by then was bursting to come but to get a piece of the action, I stood up and hung my erect cock between the two girls lips and they took it in turns to suck me, Gaz then lifted Lisa onto his lap and eased his cock into her cunt, she shuddered with an orgasm, while Liz continued to suck me into coming all over her tits, which Lisa then proceeded to lick off. Gaz still hadn't come so he stood up and started wanking himself not more than 6 inches from Lisa's face eventually he exploded while Lisa had her mouth wide open to welcome his hot cum, Lisa then turned to Liz and spent a few minutes swapping his cum between themselves, It was a night I wished would never end, but it was getting late and out taxi was due soon so we got dressed and headed back to our house, I asked Gaz & Liz to stay, which they said yes, we had a few drinks and Liz fell asleep, I went upstairs to get out of my clothes and put something more comfortable on, by the time I got to the top of the stairs I could hear noises, slowly I crept downstairs to see though the gap in the door Gaz fucking Lisa against the living room wall, she was loving it, I dropped my pants and started rubbing my cock, Liz was still asleep not 3 feet from them, Lisa then sunk to her knees and sucked his cock, surely they wondered where I was, but they carried on, Gaz had problems standing so he laid Lisa on the rug in front of the fire and slowly sunk his massive cock into her and gently fucked her with slow rocking motions until they both came together, Gaz rolled off Lisa, while she reached down between her aching thighs and cupped a large amount up their mixed juices and smeared it over her lips. I slowly crept back upstairs and flushed the loo, and made a loud entrance into the living room, by that time Gaz was sitting next to still asleep Liz, and Lisa was in the kitchen.

Lisa said that she was tired and went straight upstairs, I said I'll be up in a minute, and off she went, I told Gaz what I had seen and he said he knew I was there, but he didn't think Lisa did, we had another few glasses of Whiskey, I made up the bed "'settee and we lifted Liz into it, Gaz asked for the quilt I said they are in the Cupboard on top of the stairs, he went up, and not thinking too much about what had just happen, "all of the following sequences came later in a conversation with Gaz" he sneaked his head around Lisa's bedroom door to find her asleep, he went to her bedside and told her that he'd left me downstairs and that I'd passed out with the drink, his words were, get into bed Gaz, he stripped off naked and found Lisa naked too, he again finger fucked her then they did a 69 on each other, he then held her arms and said I'm going to fuck you harder than you've ever been fucked before, then started to pound her tight cunt for ages, as now I knew what he was up to, the hammering he gave her was immense I've never heard her moan and groan as she did that night, the headboard also took a hammering, the neighbours would have sussed "Lisa's" getting fucked but never as load as this, he went on for what seemed hours banging and banging my little Hoare what must have been 20 minutes later then her scream told me she had arrived. They stayed there all night, and I had to console myself with rubbing myself off onto Liz's tits and drying my cum soaked fingers on her little white thong. I awoke about 6 in the morning as Liz and Gaz were leaving on their own, I quietly went upstairs to find my Lisa all hot and snug but fast asleep, once I'd been there for some minutes I let my finger walk into what seemed gallons of cum still lying on her wet pussy.

The next morning was so strange as she didn't remember anything that had happened at home, ha "Oh yes she did"