Written by brimby

23 May 2010

Lindas treat

I was away on business with Roger. He was always talking of setting up sex parties and I knew he was very popular with more than a few ladies. One couple often came to stay so he could service the lady. Often she came alone. Obviously he had something going for him.

Overnight in Paris we went to the hotel sauna and while sitting naked I saw that Rogers cock was at least twice the length of mine while flaccid as mine was hard and nearly twice as thick. I had to leave as it was making me hard just looking at it. I was imagining it spreading Lindas pussy lips. I knew then that I wanted to see him fucking her.

On the way back to the UK I asked Roger if he fancied Linda. He was very keen so I rang and asked if she fancied a 3 sum. I was surprised when she answered yes without hesitation..

We didn't arrive back in the UK until early evening. I wondered what could have been going on in Lindas mind during the day. She had no idea what he had to offer.

After a light meal we returned to the lounge and Roger sat facing us. We were in one sofa and Roger opposite in a chair. No one mentioned anything. I had my arm around Linda and put my hand down her bra. I was massaging her boobs. Then I pulled her top down to expose 2 fantastic hard nipples. We sat there chatting while I played with her delicious tits. 32b and perfectly formed with huge firm nipples. Roger sat opposite saying very little and inactive. After maybe 15 minutes Linda said "˜Roger let me give you a foot massage'. She moved across and bent down in front of him and removed his shoes and socks. She started to massage his feet. It was very sensual but strangely Roger just sat there.

There was my wife sitting massaging this guys feet. As if by instinct I moved off the couch and went behind her. I eased her up a little and teased her dress off over her shoulders. Linda smiled at me and lifted her arms. Now she was kneeling naked (all except a thin lace set of light green panties) in front of Roger. He still showed no reaction but by now I was rock hard and ready to party. What must he have thought looking down on my petite wife. What did she think!!!!. Next I lifted her again and slid off her panties. Now she was completely naked and massaging his feet while he was still dressed. I on the other hand wasted no time taking my cloths off and moving around to face her. She grasped my cock and started to suck me.

At last Roger now moved alongside Linda. He could see her sucking me and he lent across and rubbed her back. Yes her back. He didn't touch her tits or pussy.

Roger took one of Lindas hands and put it on his fly and rubbed her hand against his cock. What was she thinking?. I was puffing and panting in ecstasy and didn't take in all these details. The next thing I see is Rogers fly being unzipped. Was it Lindas doing or his. Linda was sucking me hard and could not look towards him very well. When she did I grabbed her head to keep her on me. Rogers cock came out of the top of his pants bent double. Then it sprang straight. It was huge. My guess is 12 inches. More than twice the size of mine. Roger scrabbled on the floor and took his cloths off. At this point I don't think Linda had seen his cock. He moved to the side and slightly behind her where he kept up his massage. Lindas hand strayed back and held his cock. She still could not see because I was holding her head. She could feel it was huge but you could tell she was not sure how huge. She tried to look back numerous times but I held her head. I am sure she caught glimpse. What was she feeling and thinking? Fuck this guy is going to fuck my little petite wife with his great big huge cock. Surely she was thinking the same. She had certainly never felt such a huge member. She tried to look back again but I forced her mouth onto my erect cock. She must have been as horny as hell and wondering what this huge monster cock was going to feel like.

Roger looked up at me and moved behind her. I could see him grasp her cheeks and lift Lindas little tight ass up in the air. Then he dropped her pussy onto his cock. His cock head must have felt huge as it entered her. She let out a cry which turned to a gagging sound as she fell forward. At the same time Roger buried his huge cock up to his balls and rode her hard from behind. She stopped sucking and put her head on the floor making loud gagging sounds. Roger continued to pound in and out. Linda was pushing back on it and moaning. She managed to rise a little and hold my cock. I was so horney I grabbed Lindas head and face fucked her. Roger shuddered and was cumming in Lindas lovely pussy and the excitement made me fill Lindas mouth. I was holding her head and thrusting. Linda sucked my cum so she must have been really horney because she doesn't normally like swallowing cum.

After this Roger rolled on his back on the floor. His cock hardly subsided. Linda looked at me and I said "˜sit on Rogers cock'. She said "˜what if I don't want to'. I was firm and just said "˜sit on his cock'. With this she rolled over and straddled him. As he entered Linda her lips were stretched wide and his cum was lubricating his shaft as it slowly dripped from her swollen pussy lips. I stood over them and rubbed Lindas back, shoulders and tits while she rode Roger. I looked down and saw Rogers shaft nearly up to the balls and Lindas pussy lips straining around his shaft. His vein was thick and pulsing. Then he slid Linda forward and up his shaft. Her clit rubbing against his body. She screamed and he pulled her further up his shaft until he could kiss her on the lips. I could see her pussy lips stretched down his shaft. There was more cock showing than twice mine and yet his cock head was still in her pussy. She must have been loving it. He continued to slide her up and down his cock rubbing her against his body. They were kissing and for some reason I found this odd.

I decided it was time for a drink so I left to put the kettle on. On my return Linda was bending over the arm of the settee and Roger was sitting down having his cock sucked. Even though it had only been minutes it was rock hard. Lindas lovely pert ass was in the air and Rogers hand had slid under here pussy and I could see his finger running up and own her clit and into her pussy. His cum had lubricated her well and she was very wet. She cupped his balls and sucked the huge head of his cock. I was again surprised by the size of his cock as Linda sucked it and ran her tongue over its length.

I was tired by all the driving and said I was thinking of bed. At this Roger said "˜just one more in and out'. Linda was quick to agree! His cock was huge. Clearly he had been less than fully hard lying on the floor. She moved around in front of him and with both hands spread her lips as she approached him. I left the room at this point to bring in the drinks. According to Linda she slowly settled over him taking all she felt she could handle while Roger tried to thrust up into her. When I returned Roger was standing with Linda looking decidedly shot away like she was on drugs. The full size of his cock right to the hilt had clearly made her faint or go dizzy. He said "˜give me a hand I think I'm loosing this one'. I took her shoulders and we lowered her to the ground. I asked her afterwards but never did here what happened and how it felt when Roger stood up. It must have filled her up. Rogers cum certainly did. The only thing she ever said was it felt like being pinioned in place and she was unable to move.

I then took Linda to our bed as I was tired. I couldn't get the picture out of my mind of Roger fucking her! Linda was still very horney so I played with her pussy and then fucked her very hard missionary style. She was screaming and cumming and then I fucked her hard a second time and she came again. I asked her if she wanted Roger to come and finish her off and she said it was up to me. I however finally drifted off to sleep.

Did she get up and go to him? I never knew.

Roger stayed other nights on business but we didn't play. Did she get up those nights and play?

I can only imagine. I only remember commenting that her pussy seemed a bit looser!

Lets try and get Linda to tell it from her side!!!!!!!!!!