Written by ratchel

30 Dec 2011

graham and I had been wanting to arrange a meet down at his boat. He suggested that peter could come along as well and I agreed. Graham met me at the marina and we walked back to his boat where peter was waiting for us. I asked if they liked what they saw (me in a white silk blouse, satin pencil skirt heels stockings corest (the lot) they both agreed. I sat next to graham and started to rub his already hard cock through his jeans. I suggested that peter join us and told them to get naked. I knelt on the floor infront of them, grahams cock deep in my mouth and stroked peters hard cock at the same time, changing over every few minutes to pleasure the other with my mouth. Graham directed me to the raised bed and bent me over and spread my legs. Peter sat on the bed and pushed my head down on to his thick hard cock. I felt grahams cock begin to spread my ass and push its way in. My muffled squeal let graham know he had just push his fat cock deep into my ass. Peter at that moment fucked deep into my mouth causing me to gag and recoil just to have his cock puched back in. Graham placed his hands on my hips and fucked me again and again. The two off them were enjoying this as I groaned with the pleasure of having two men with large cocks spit roast me. I moved over to the other bed where I lay down on my back with my head facing back and upwards towards the ceiling. Graham again took control and opened my legs wide so he could force his cock once again into my waiting ass. I gripped the bed sheets as graham rammed home his cock but I couldnt shout as Peter was pushing home his cock downwards into my open mouth. These guys new how to fuck (and not come). I could hear graham tell peter to stuff his cock deep into my mouth as he put it "fuck that dirty slut" I moaned to indicate my pleasure of being called this and the pair of them rammed their cocks home to my delight and great satisfaction. We rested for a few moments to catch our breath. As i lay there peter placed a leather mask over my face with a pump up gag at the mouth, kinky I thought but I was too high on sex to say no. They lay me back on the bed, blind folded, now waiting to see what they would do. I felt a large object (my black 9" dildo as it turned out) being pushed into my ass. I spread my legs open so as I could receive this it in full, and at that moment peter pushed it in hard and all the way. Pain and pleasure ran through my body at the same time and I writhed about as if to try and escape this brutal obect which was forcing its way deep into my hole. To no avail as peter and graham held me down to make sure there was no escape. My body was now twitching and moving as I neared orgasm, harder and faster I was fucked as they new I was nearing my come. I bucked and twisted as I came and begged them to stop. I lay there for what seemd an age as I recovered form this almighty orgasm, short of breath and unaware of my surroundings. Peter and graham were obvoiusly well pleased with themselves at showing me great time which I will be eternally grateful for.

Looking forward to my next sea adventure

Ratchel XX