Written by reading_andy

7 Dec 2012

I was bored and chatting n the forum late one night on another site, a couple came online and we struck up conversation, without going into detail, they were having a quiet night in watching porn and chatting on the forums and it turned out that they were not too far away. Needless to say, they invited me to join them.

Of course I agreed, we had a quick cam to make sure we all new what we were getting so to speak and I rushed upstairs to shower (and make sure everything was in order, if you know what I mean) and ventured out to the address that I had been given. Their house was 20 miles from mine so although not far, the journey was long enough for me to build up a nervous anticipation of what I might find when I arrived.

I pulled up to a row of terrarced houses, the streets were narrow with cars either side however I managed to park a little in the next street along. The walk to the green front door filled me with excitement. I rang the bell and after a brief moment the door opened. I was greeted by a well built man in a blue dressing gown. He welcomed me in with a smile and a friendly handshake and led me into the livng room.

There was a futon mattress laid out in the middle of the floor with sofas to either side and a laptop resting on one arm with a well known porn video site filling the screen. The one thing that immediately caught my eye though was his girlfriend, lying on the mattress, face down wearing nothing but a small cotton pair of white panties and a vest top. She was was lying over her arm which was down between her legs, her fingertips visible to me as I stood behind her, playing over the damp cotton gusset between parted legs.

The man whispered 'go and say hello' and walked into the kitchen. I kicked off my shoes and socks and knelt behind her, I listened to her breathing for a moment as she played with herself through the material of her panties, eventually reaching out and running my hand lightly down the back of her thighs. There was a sharp intake of breath and her breathing trembled slightly. I put my other hand on her thigh and ran them up and down slowly, leaning forward I lightly placed a kiss on the bottom of her bum cheek, my tongue flicking out and tasting her before drawing my lips away.

The mere sight of her got my cock growing, she was probably 5'7, with long, blonde flowing hair. A UK size 10 and the pertest little bum I had seen in a while. I lowered myself over her, my hands either side of her shoulders and without touching her anywhere else, lightly pressed my groin against her bum, letting her feel my growing hardness through my trousers. I whispered into her ear 'Hi' and nipped her earlobe lightly. she moaned and pushed back into me. I pushed myself back up so that I was kneeling behind her between her spread legs and leaning forward, pushed my mouth into the wet gusset of her panties, tasting her juices as she parted her fingers allowing my tongue to push against her pussy. She hooked her fingers around her knickers and pulled them to one side, pushing her now exposed wetness into my mouth. My tongue flicked in and out and round and round the entrance to her pussy.

I sat back up and placing my hands on her hips, pulled her up onto her knees. Her bum and pussy were now pushing back on to my rigid cock, whilst I slowly lifted her, so that we were both kneeling upright, me behind her, our bodies pressed together. My hands moved round to her waist, the left going down, fingers moving over the tight stomach and down to her panties, her hand on mine as I toyed with her pussy through the material. The other slipping up her torso, my hand moving over the soft skin and up to her exceptionally pert breasts. They had obviously been enhanced, I could tell immediately as my hand cupped one, squeezing it gently and brushing my fingers over her hardening nipples. her arms were up and reaching back to me over her shoulders her hands in my hair and turning her face to me we kissed. Our mouths open, soft lips on soft lips, our tongues immediately searching out the others.

She was grinding back into me as my fingers slipped beneath her panties and I let my fingers lightly run along her wet pussy lips, she groaned at my touch at which point He walked back into the room carrying a bottle of water. He stood for a moment watching us and smiling, dropped his robe.

He was a muscular man who obviously worked out and for a moment I felt a twinge of self conciousness, having let myself go a little after years of pounding away at the gym (but that is another story ) He sat naked on the sofa by the laptop, I turned and watched him, sat with his legs parted and his semi-erect cock in his hand. His thumb gently rubbing the tip. He was above average I would say, probably around 7" fully erect.

He invited me to get undressed and I stood and stripped by the other couch. I felt a little exposed as I was stood already semi-erect and naked!! I sat on the sofa next to him and he turned to me asking what type of porn I fancied watching. I said 'anything really, whatever you want' but my eyes were glued to his woman, who was crawling towards me on all fours. She pushed me back and spread my legs, leaning forward she kissed me, before kissing and licking her way down my body, my thick cock now rigid with anticipation, the thickly veined shaft engorged, straining at the thought of what was to come. She kissed her way down my onto my thy, carefully avoiding my cock and I moved the hair from her face to watch, she looked up at me and holding my gaze ran her tongue up along my length. When she got to the tip she ran her tongue around the helmet and circling her fingers around the wide base of my cock, she pulled down on the skin as she rolled the fat swollen tip between her lips and into her mouth. I groaned feeling the warmth of her mouth, her tongue working the tip as she slowly slid me deeper and deeper into her face, she was salivating, slurping as she took me to the back of her throat and further still, her lips grasping at the base of my shaft as she swallows my entire length, gagging as she pushes down as far as she can. She lifts off me and begins to suck my cock in earnest, she was amazing, the way her lips, mouth fingers and tongue combined to work my length was incredible and she wasn't finished there, slipping my cock from her mouth she worked her tongue down my shaft and onto my sack, gently sucking my balls into her mouth and playing her tongue over them. Releasing them she then carefully lifted my balls and pushed her tongue onto my ring, I lifted my legs slightly to give her better access as she began to rim me. I looked over at him, his cock was now fully erect, his hand sliding slowly up and down his long thick length. It had a wicked downwards bend in it, which I thought would be good as mine had a pronounced upward curve which would provide her with a different sensation.

He stood up and moved around behind her, she came up and kissed me on the mouth, biting my lip gently before turning around and taking his cock in her hand, began to suck him off, he lifted her hair off her face and held it back for me, giving me a perfect view of her working his cock. I leant forward and slipped my hand into her knickers, two fingers sliding easily over her slick clit and down between her lips, sliding them easily into her pussy and curling them up inside her, I could hear her moan as I began to slowly slide my fingers in and out of her, each time I slid them out I dragged the tips up over her clit before plunging back into her.

She got up onto her feet, His cock never leaving her mouth and perched a cheek on my knee, this gave me easy access to her wetness but before letting her get settled, I slipped her knickers down around her ankles. My fingers returned to her pussy which was by now sopping wet, I fingered her long and slowly between boughts of teasing. she took my cock in her other hand and stroked me why she licked and sucked his cock, at one point opening her mouth to just wider that his engorged tip, letting him fuck her mouth though soft wet lips.

I placed my hand on her waist and slipped round so that she was over my lap, taking my cock in one hand I brushed the wide head along her pussy, her hips rocking back and forth sliding her clit over and over it as she began stroking him harder and faster, working his cock with her mouth. I slipped the very tip between her dripping pussy lips and nestled it over the entrance. I could feel her vaginal muscles clawing at it, trying to draw it in as she tried to sit on it. My hand on her bum holding her up off it as she squirms, trying to take it inside. I slowly lower her bit by achingly slow bit onto it, feeling her pussy slowly stretch around the wide head of my cock, Gradually her tight pussy closes around the tip, I hold her there for a while, flexing my cock, knowing from her whimpers that she can feel it moving inside her. Suddenly I pull her down onto me, fast and hard so that I am bollock deep inside her, she throws her head back and cries out as I plunge into her. her hand stroking his rigid cock faster and faster. I begin to lift her off and let her fall back onto my cock, my hips rising and falling in time with hers.

She begins to tense and I know she is about to come, she starts to move faster and faster as I reach around and gently rub her clit with my fingertips. Her hips begin to buck and her cries get louder and louder, suddenly she tenses, her body rigid as she grinds back onto me. Her cry of exctasy stiffled as he shoves his cock into her mouth, ramming it to the back of her throat causing her to gag as she comes on my cock.

Eventually her orgasm subsides and she leans forward panting, her hands on his hips and her cheek against his cock as she gasps against him.

I lift her up off me and she turns around, a satisfied smile across her lips. I lift her top up over her head, exposing her firm breasts for the first time I would guess at a 34D but as I said augmented and tastefully so. I take them in my hands and cup them lightly, squeezing them gently and teasing the nipple, I now took the time to examine them thoroughly.

He returns to the seat next to me and she takes a cock in each hand, stroking them slowly. She begins to suck our cocks, alternating between them as we both caress her body, our hands roaming everywhere. Eventually I take her hand from my length and place it on his, as she works his shaft with both hands and his tip with her mouth I move around behind her and as she kneels on the floor, sucking his cock, I begin kissing and licking my way down her back, she arches it slightly as I work my way over the small of her back and get to the top of her butt crack. I place my hands on her butt cheeks and spread them, sliding my flicking tongue slowly down it and lightly circling the entrance to her arse. She pushes back against me as I began to rim her, teasing her arsehole with the tip of my tongue and as I begin dipping it inside she let out another groan.

I hear him ask 'what's he doing to you?' to which she replies 'He's being very naughty'. This turned me on even more and my cock was achingly hard and I had to take it in my own hand, wanking myself off as I heard her say 'His tongue is in my arse'. I begin plunging my tongue in and out of her bum, as she gives him head she slips her hand between her legs and starts furiously rubbing her own clit. I could feel her orgasm start to build and pushed my tongue deeper and deeper inside her. As she came I pushed my tongue as far as I could into her arse, wriggling it around inside her.

I lifted my face from her bum and shimmied forwards, rolling my hips forwards just beneath her , spreading her cheeks once more I rested the fat tip of my rigid length against her anus. She dipped her fingers into her pussy and rubbed the juices over the head of my cock and placed it back against her Sitting up of his cock, she leant back against me, her hand once more reaching over her shoulder and to the back of my head, slowly easing her arse down onto me. It was still wet and lubed from my spit during the rimming and she whimpered again as she slowly slid down my thickly veined shaft. My hand moved to her neck and tilted her head back, I began to kiss her neck whilst keeping my cock perfectly still, allowing her to use it as she wanted. Once full onto it, she began to slowly rock back and forth.

She was fucking my cock with her arse and when got up onto the sofa, keeling in front of us. He placed his hard cock against her lips and I got close up, with my chin on her shoulder, her giving head, after a minute or so, she ground her arse down onto my cock, and slipping his cock from her lips and leaning slightly to one side held it out to me.

I was quite shocked and excited all the same. 'Please' she whimpered moving around on my cock. Now I am a straight guy and have never even so much as touched another guys tackle (well not since being a curious 7 year old) but I would be lying if I didn't say that I had often wondered what it would be like to give a guy a blow job. I think most men if they are honest have thought about it and the idea always kind of turned me on. I looked up at him and he was just looking down watching. She placed his cock against my lips and to my surprise I found myself, letting it slowly pass between my lips. She began stroking it as I slowly let it enter my mouth. As it slipped in I used my tongue to wriggle back and forth over the underside of the tip, knowing how good it felt when girls had done it to me. I took the tip all the way in, and slowly moved my head back and forth, letting my soft lips slide over the pronounced ridge. I was so turned on by having this rigid cock in my mouth that my cock grew even harder. She began whimpering again and moving back and forth on my cock again. She took the cock from my mouth and I watched as she blew him next to me, we passed his cock back and forth, my confidence building I began taking him deeper and deeper into my mouth and throat. sliding off it with my spit dripping down it's shaft, licking it up and down before sucking it back in, I felt my throat clench and myself start to gag so I pulled off it a fraction and concentrated on relaxing my throat. I had done this before, when a girlfriend bet me that I couldn't take all of her rabbit vibrator to the clitoral stimulator. She gave me a week to practice, so when I did manage to relax and opened the back of my throat, I managed to take a good six inches.

My hand was working her clit as he began to rock his hips back and forth, I could't believe it! I was buried deep into this strangers arse while her bloke was begining to fuck my mouth. I was fortunate that his cock had the downward bend as It helped me take it deeper and deeper into my throat until at one point my nose was pressed against his mound with his full length down my throat. I was so turned on and could feel my own orgasm building as she moved faster and faster on my cock. She ran a hand up his thigh, wet her finger in her mouth and began to rub the tip into his arse. He was moaning now, and his thrust into my mouth were getting slowly harder and faster. She begin bucking in my lap, her hips jolting as if being shocked, my fingers woked her clit faster and faster and I could feel her begin to clench, Suddenly her arse was snatching on my cock and I could fell her pussy begin to spasm through the wall between it and her bum. She came, wailing and moaning, grinding down onto my rigid cock. The clutching of her arse on my length hastened my own orgasm. as she ground onto me I leant back, his cock slipping from my mouth as my body tensed. The change of position pushe more of my cock deeper into her arse as waves of pleaseure began to wash over me. My hips began to buck and my eyes roll back in their sockets. I cought a glimpse of him fucking her open mouth faster than I had seen before, her finger tip in his bum as I cried out and exploded deep inside her. My throbbing cock pumping my hot semen deep into her arse as at the same time he gripped the back of her head and rammed his cock deep into her throat. We both came hard filling both ends with our cum. Both of our hips bucking deep into her. I watched as she swallowed his load, My own orgasm subsiding.

She slipped is cock from her lips and turned to me, he fell back onto the couch panting as she kissed me on the mouth. I could taste his cum on her lips and sure enough, as our tongues entwined the small amount she had kept in her mouth mixed with our saliva and we swirled it between us in a long kiss. She eased herself from my cock and it fell throbbing from her arse. She pushed me back onto the floor and leaning over me, began to lick me clean, meanwhile he was behind her, licking my gooey mess from her butt.

After all falling back satisfied we chatted for a while, I told them that I had never sucked a cock before and he complimented me on it, apparently amazed that was able to take so much.

I eventually got dressed and left them to go to bed, it was now 3:30 am and I enjoyed reliving every moment in my head in the car on the way home.

Hope you enjoyed, sorry about the length.