Written by me and her

26 Oct 2014

we went to lanzarote and ann was 35 I was a year older first week was great we fucked about 3 times a day and would talk about the people we met and we wanted to fuck and I said jim and lyn next flat looked sexy even though they were ten years older

next day I was talking to jim and he said he had to change and come in I talked to him having a joke saying lyn looked a sexy one he asked if id fuck her and I said would he fuck ann he laughed saying if she could take my big cock as he was changing his shorts he turned letting me see his cock it was all of ten inches long and four thick dead I said to him I want to see her get fucked without her knowing he said he would try if I wanted I told him if she knew he had that she would saying send me a picture of it and I will set her up telling him what turns her on he was eager saying he cant wait

two days later I had been saying to ann how big he was and showed her a picture message from him after a night out and she was drunk she could not believe it saying to her she would love it up her as she looked at me saying how good it was but lyn is with him all the time I did not say to you that she is bi she said no way and told her they had swung a few times

next day ann and lyn went shopping and when back jim txt to say lyn had told ann she was bi I told ann I was meeting a car dealer that night for a few hours and she said okay

I left at six and went in to lyn and jims flat and sat until ann knocked on the door telling them I was on buisnese as I hid in the room they drank and talked as lyn asked if she had ever kissed a girl and to my surprise said she had a couple of girly times lyn said she was sexy and would she mind if she kissed her ann said okay as I watched lyn go over to her and kiss her as I saw her tongue lick her lips as she stroked her neck and down to her tits as ann did not flinch for a bit then touched her tits as jim said you should sit on the sofa its okay I will wank if horny as he laughed as they kissed removing there clothes as lyn kissed her body and tits fingering her as she moaned as lyn said she loves watching jim wank telling him to do it as it got hard ann stared at it lyn noticed and said she needed the loo as jim was sitting next to ann cock in hand saying her cunt looked great as she said so does your cock he sat next to her putting her hand on it as he rubbed her cunt saying she was so wet as he kissed her lyn returned as he had her on her back fingering her as she moaned lyn said ease it up her as he lay on her sliding it up her as she said oh fuck he had it up her fucking her slow saying you love it I see she was moving her hips moaning as lyn said she was going for a lay down and came into the room closing the door kissing me as I cupped her lovely breasts kissing her nipples as she got my hard cock out putting it between her legs saying did I like jims cock I said its big as we heard ann scream saying she was cuming then a few minutes later she said she had to go as I heard her leave as I fucked lyn as she moaned