Written by masterian

11 Mar 2009

I'm only writting this here as you will see I have to be discreet. I'm living with my best friend Mary, we have been together for over ten years now, we had great sex until last year when her job changed. She is now working from 8 in the morning unitl 6 or 7 at night, five days a week. Sex has gone down from three or four time a week to once a month.

I have a workshop at home, back in February I was asked to repair some chairs for a old freind of mine, she is called Jo. Jo for this story any why. Jo needed four chairs repair and refinished and she could only get one at a time in her car. She worked and had Wednesdays off, every Wednesday she brought a chair around. It took her four weeks.

The first visit we just talked about the repairs to the chairs and then we started talking about life and relationships of ours. I explaned that I was help with Mary but sex was getting a little less often. Jo said that her boyfriend left her last year. He moved in with a girl he worked with.

On the second visit we started off where we left off talking about sex. Jo explaned that sex with her borfriend was quite and all over in ten minutes. I told Jo that sex with Mary use to be all day. I'd cum four or five times. Mary would have orgasm after orgasm.

"I don't think I have ever had an orgasm" Jo said

"Never?" I asked.

"No, not one" she replied.

So after a long chat Jo ask if I would help her find an orgasm. And I said yes.

Jo brought the third chair around for repair. We sat in the workshop and talked about sex and friends we have had over the years. Jo said that she has never had an orgasm, which I found hard to believe.

I explaned that Mary and me had a great sex life a few of years ago. we had good sex three or four times a week, thinking back it was all a bit 'sammey' [if that is the right word] good sex but the same every time.

Then one day Mary and I went down the pub and meet up with a couple [Pat and George] at the bar. We talked for a couple of hours and had a few drinks and they asked us back to their place for a meal. OK we said.

After we had eaten, we set down with a bottle of wine and chatted, we where asked if we liked porn videos. Yes we said and click the video was started on the TV. this was planned.

We sat there watching the video and I looked over to see Pat topless and George with his cock out. Mary saw this and took off her top. By the time to video had finished we where both naked playing around on the floor.

George asked if we would like to go to another room or if we where ok. I said we where OK. I'll put another video on he said. We stopped for a moment, as Pat topped up the drinks and George got up and placed the new video in the machine. I sat on the sofa with Mary on the floor between my legs. I looked over to see Pat was sat the same with George.

The Video started "No Mans Lands" it was called. A girl called Sue, when to stay at a girl friends house and found that she was having a lesbian orgy that night and was free to join in. Sue said she would stay in her room.

Anyway to cut a long story short. The girl friends arrived and all the girls sat around talking, two of the girls started playing with each other and her host started kissing her friend. Sue took her drink and headed for her room. You can join us, one of the girls said. Thats Ok Sue replyed and walked to her room.

Back in her room Sue lay on the bed and played with herself. Seeing the girls playing together turn her on. she took a dildo out of her bag and masturbated until she had a orgasm. She did not cum very quietly and the sound of her orgasm was hard in the other room.

Two of the girls got up and went to Sue's room, open the door to find Sue with the dildo up her pussy. they then had a threesome. As all this was going on, on the video, Pat was giving Goerge a blowjob and Mary started on me. It was great sex.

Jo said that she had never had sex like that. It was a nice sunny day and we took a walk down the garden. I pick up a mink glove, a dildo and Vibrator.

There are hadges all around the grarden and we are not over looked by anyone. I told Jo that Pat and George use to come down for swingers parties in the summer here.

We sat on the ground and kissed. I took Jo's top off and although she did not have big tits her breast where hard and firm. I used the mink glove on her nipples unitl they where hard and I started taking her dress off. I fingered her pussy over her nickers. and then moved them to one side to finger her pussy. I played with her clit and finger fucked her until she had her first orgasm.

"That is the first time I have had an orgasm" she said.

"Good" I asked.

"Oh, yes! do it again please.

So I did, using the dido and vibrator.